Bathroom Inspiration: LED Mirror Cabinets

LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinets 

If there is one product that we absolutely love here at Mood Living – it is our LED bathroom mirror cabinets. Why? Their versatility. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and we love how they immediately declutter the bathroom and give a sense of organisation and tidiness. All our cabinets (and indeed, all of our products) are BS standard, come with after sale care, and we have a product guarantee of 5 years. We know you’ll love our LED mirror cabinets, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to place them in your bathroom and it’s good to have a little inspiration. Therefore in this article, we’re going to look at how to incorporate an LED bathroom cabinet into any size bathroom.

Features: LED Mirror Cabinet 

Let’s start by considering the features that can come with your LED mirror cabinet. A sensor switch is used to illuminate the LED lights. This switch is often discreet and built into the bottom or corner of your mirror cabinet and is activated via motion sensor. The LED lights can be built into the bathroom mirror cabinet in a variety of ways. The lights could be framing the entire cabinet, they could be placed in each corner of the cabinet, or the lights could be placed simply at the top of the cabinet to shine down. LED lights create a soft and natural light to simulate daylight and allow you to look most natural in the mirror. These lights are also great for using during the night if you need something from the cabinet without waking the rest of the family. All options provide great illumination and can fit whatever your brightness needs are for your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet 

A bathroom cabinet is going to be used to store items that are most commonly found in the bathroom – such as toothbrushes and shavers, both of which can often be electric. That is why at Mood Living we can provide mirror cabinets with shaver sockets discreetly fitted inside. With sockets inside your mirror cabinet, you can keep your shavers, toothbrushes or any other bathroom electricals charging out of sight and ready to use when you need them.

Illuminated Mirrors and Cabinets

Our illuminated mirrors and cabinets can also come with demister pads which keep your mirror steam free. This is an ever-useful addition to bathroom mirrors, allowing you to enjoy your hot shower for as long as you like and still be greeted by crystal clear mirrors when you step out. For an even more enjoyable shower, our LED illuminated mirrors and cabinets can also come with built in Bluetooth. So now you can enjoy listening to your favourite electronic devices in the bathroom without having to worry about water getting near your phone and potentially damaging it.

While cabinets can be placed anywhere in a bathroom, LED mirror cabinets are most typically wall mounted and placed either above the bathroom sink, or nearby it. The reason for this is thanks to the illuminated bathroom mirror on the cabinet. If you keep your shaver in the cabinet, or your toothbrushes, you will want to have the mirror nearby when using them. This mirror cabinet allows not only easy access to the products you need, but you will also be right in front of the mirror to use them.

Focal point within your bathroom 

Our bathroom cabinets are built to look stylish, so that even on their own they are a great statement and focal point within your bathroom. When redoing your bathroom, it is important to utilize the space you have wisely. The use of an LED mirror cabinet not only combines lighting, a mirror, and storage, but it opens up a lot of space elsewhere in your bathroom that you may have been using to store products, and helps minimalize clutter. One of the biggest reasons that homeowners add cabinets to their bathrooms is to maximise their limited space. Cabinets can be used for anything that is taking up space elsewhere in the room: from towels, to toilet paper, cabinets will declutter your bathroom in an instant.

Streamline your space even further by choosing a style of cabinet that matches the theme of the rest of your bathroom. We have a huge variety of styles that means no bathroom is overlooked. Each home has its own unique style and we aim to please each of our customers. Bathroom cabinets look great on their own but look even better as part of a matching space.

Why choose your bathroom cabinets? 

Often customers decide to buy bathroom cabinets as it is an easy and great way to transform your bathroom without having to remodel the entire space. You’ll find that our LED mirror cabinets are great prices also, proving to be much more cost effective that choosing a full-scale remodel which can get extremely pricey extremely fast. If your bathroom is not well lit, if can appear even smaller and more cramped than it actually is. By installing a mirror with lights, the reflecting lights give the appearance of a larger and brighter bathroom and thereby totally transforming your space.

If you would like to see the options we have available, check out the cabinet section of our website which we keep regularly updated with our latest styles. If you’ve any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to help you out.


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