Bathroom Cabinets with Shaver Socket and Demister

No longer are mirrors just for reflection, just like any good household item, functionality is key and our Mood Living mirrors are packed with additional functions. As always, all products are BS standard, we’ll always provide you with after sales care, and all our products come with a guarantee. We love to give our customers the most with our quality items, and we know you’ll love them for years to come. Today we are going to look at a popular Mood Living product: the Bathroom Cabinet. Available in a variety of styles, and with lots of extra features, we think you are missing out if you don’t have one of these bathroom cabinets in your home.

Bathroom Cabinet Main Features 

There are two main features we want to bring to your attention in this blog: the shaver sockets and the demister. The first is the demister. Our Mood Living demister is a feature in not just our mirror cabinets but in a selection of our mirrors also. We believe this is a wonderful and innovative feature for any bathroom, and many customers find that once they try it – they can’t imagine not having one in their bathroom! So, what does a demister do? Well, it prevents your mirror from steaming up while you shower. This means you no longer have to hang a towel over the mirror to prevent it fogging over, or you no longer have to wipe away the steam after your shower only to leave streaky marks. Simply turn on your demister and it will keep your mirror free of steam or streaks while you are in the shower. You can enjoy your shower as long as you like, and as hot as you like, knowing you’ll have a crystal clear reflection to come out to afterwards. The demister pad is wire-free and is activated in a similar way that you would activate the LED lights of the bathroom mirror.

Shaver Socket Function 

Next up, the shaver socket function. Shaver sockets have been an essential built-in feature in bathrooms for years now. However, have you ever wished there was a more discreet way for the electric toothbrushes and shavers in your home to be charged? A way to keep your bathroom decluttered? Thanks to Mood Living cabinets there now is. The 240V shaver socket is positioned and installed inside the cabinet, not only allowing you to maximise space in your bathroom, but this also aids in safety by keeping the electrical items away from any possible water and electrical damage. The shaver socket is operated by an of/off switch inside the cabinet, and it works independently from the demister and illuminating LED lights. We love that this allows you to utilise the space in your bathroom more, and allows your toothbrushes to charge discreetly, meaning they are always ready to go when you need them.

Unique Bathroom Cabinets 

Of course, no two bathrooms are the same, and here at Mood Living we want to give you that special unique touch that you dream of. We have a fantastic range of bathroom cabinets available in our online store, they are all unique in shape and style, so whatever you are looking for, we are confident we’ve got something to match. Whether you like a simplistic look, or a glamorous hotel-chic, we’ve got it. Our bathroom cabinets all come with beautiful LED illuminated lights, keeping your reflection bright and clear whether it is night or day. These lights can be all-around, shining just from above, or we also have cabinets with LED lights placed in beautiful patterns.

We would always recommend that you get a qualified electrician to carry out any electrical jobs within your home. Our Mood Living products are very easy to install, and to make sure it is fitted safely, we provide an online fitting instruction guide to make sure you have all the information that you need. Since the cabinets can be quite heavy, it’s a good idea to have an electrician check the area it is going to be installed to make sure that the wall can support the cabinet. All our mirror cabinets come with high quality shelf brackets that are very sturdy. They also come with cushioned door stoppers that not only provide you with extra protection, but are excellent for noise reduction too.

We Are Here To Help! 

If you have any questions regarding the bathroom cabinets with shaver socket and demister, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. They come with a variety of other features, which you can read about in our previous blogs and get further details in product descriptions on our website. Our LED illuminated products are a great investment as in comparison to regular bulbs they don’t have filaments that burn out, and as a result your LED light is guaranteed to last much longer. So get in touch today via our website, and discover how Mood Living can transform your home.


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