Hollywood Mirrors Range

Hollywood Mirrors 

Hollywood mirrors are an iconic feature, having gotten their name from the studios of Hollywood, they are easily recognisable in any setting. Of course, there is a reason why they first became so popular in Hollywood: not only do they look fantastic, but their all-round lighting creates the perfect soft indoor light for easily and accurately applying makeup. So why not give your bedroom or dressing room some glitz and glamour with our stunning Hollywood Mirrors range. They are hugely popular and look great in any home.

Hollywood mirrors were ground-breaking for the beauty industry as it was a way of emulating natural lighting, and therefore allowing the perfect smooth makeup finish. However, it is not just for their even and natural lighting that they have become so popular. Hollywood Mirrors have a range of benefits from being low energy to being exceptionally durable. We are going to take a look at these benefits in this article and the types of Hollywood Mirror we can offer you here at Mood Living.

Mood Living Range of Mirrors 

There are a range of mirror options we can offer at Mood Living, from Hollywood Mirrors to LED illuminated mirrors. The main difference between LED lights in comparison to regular bulbs is that they do not have filaments in them that burn out, meaning the lifespan is considerably longer (can range from 5,000-10,000 hours more light!) LED lights are also much smaller and therefore can be placed within mirrors. Since your Hollywood Mirrors will then be running off electric and not heat, not only will they last longer but they are much more cost-effective.

 There are two types of Hollywood Mirrors:

  • Bathroom Hollywood Mirrors: these mirrors can be hung either landscape or portrait and are a perfect finishing touch for any bathroom.
  • Tabletop Hollywood Mirrors: these mirrors are great for enhancing dressing rooms, by giving them a bold and glamourous look, they can be set on any surface.

Hollywood Mirror Features 

One of our favourite features of the Hollywood Mirror range here at Mood Living is their versatility. Not only are they well suited for a range of rooms and a range of styles, but the bulbs can easily be dimmed to suit your environment. So, whether you need a softer or a harsher light, the Hollywood Mirror can be adjusted to suit your needs in every situation, whatever they may be.

The fantastic surface area of Hollywood Mirrors is another great benefit. No longer do you need to do your hair and makeup with small handheld mirrors: these mirrors are designed to fit your whole face and head within the frame. You also won’t have to move from room to room trying to find the best lighting, as the Hollywood Mirror brings the best lighting to you. Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning, or heading out at night, this mirror has all the lighting and surface area you need to get you looking your best. Another advantage of having a large surface area on your mirror means that your bedroom will also look and feel bigger as the light is reflected and gives the illusion of more space.

As mentioned above – there are two types of Hollywood Mirror. Wall affixed and tabletop. This means the mirror can be at any height you wish it to be. No more craning your neck to get the perfect angle and lighting, this mirror can be fitted wherever you need it to be, allowing you to sit comfortably and take as long as you need.

Mood Living Aftersales Care 

All products here at Mood Living are manufactured to a high quality, all meeting BS Standard. We offer aftersales care on all of our products and you’ll find that each comes with a guarantee, as we trust that you will love your Mood Living purchase. None of our mirrors are made with cheap glass that will warp and dull your appearance. This only leads to frustration, longer times to get ready, and ultimately mistakes as you cannot see your reflection correctly. Our Hollywood Mirrors (and all Mood Living mirrors) are made of high quality, silver-backed glass, giving you a crystal-clear reflection. No more squinting and wiping down your mirror, you can expect perfect results every time.

Each of our dressing room Hollywood Mirrors come with a 3-pin plug so you can plug into the mains straight away. Our bathroom Hollywood Mirrors come with a dimmer switch for their hardwired lights. There are also USB sockets built into the dressing room mirrors, and more plug sockets, allowing you to plug in your hair tools as well as mobile devices. No longer do you have to walk from room to room to get different appliances, or plug your devices throughout the room; this convenient set-up allows you to sit comfortably and have all your needs at your fingertips.

We know you will love our Hollywood Mirrors, with LED bulbs built in for all-round illumination, these Hollywood-style accessories are an absolute bedroom essential. If you would like more information on these mirrors, you can check out the full range on our website. If you have any further questions, we would love to help. Just click on the “Contact Us” link on our website and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.


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