Bathroom Cabinet Buying Guide


Right now at Mood Living, we’re having a sale across all our bathroom cabinets with various discounts. Therefore, we thought now would be the perfect time to create a blog post, outlining the benefits of bathroom cabinets, the options available to you at Mood Living, and a complete bathroom cabinet buying guide.

Bathroom Cabinet Features 

To begin, we are going to look at the features that come with a Mood Living bathroom cabinet. All of our cabinets are mirrored and illuminated, with lights fully certified to British Standard. Each cabinet comes with high quality shelf brackets to ensure your cabinet is fitted safely and is extremely sturdy. We also fit each cabinet with cushioned door stoppers for extra protection and to aid noise reduction – this means if someone is using the bathroom cabinet during the night, no one else will be awakened by the sound of noisy doors opening and slamming closed.

The lights fitted on each of our illuminated cabinets are LED lights. These lights are much more efficient than traditional filament bulbs that easily burn out. LED lights will last you for a much longer time, between 30-50,000 hours, and will prove to be greatly cost effective as you will not have to be replacing the bulbs frequently. The lights are controlled by a hands-free motion sensor, and a few of our cabinets even come with warm and cold light settings. This complete freedom over your lighting choices means your bathroom mirror will be illuminated just the way you need it, no matter the time of day and how much access to natural light you have. Just make sure to check our product descriptions to see if the cabinet has the light features that you are looking for.

LED Lights 

The LED lights on Mood Living mirrors come in a variety of styles, just like the cabinets themselves. The lights can be framing the illuminated cabinet to give the perfect glamourous glow, or the lights can be shining directly from above like traditional lighting sources, and of course we have the option to use our lighting as a decorative feature where the lights are arranged in patterns and gorgeous designs on the mirror.

The LED lights aren’t the only feature that make Mood Living cabinets stand out from the crowd. Once you open up the cabinet, there are a host of other features to make this a product that works hard to make your bathroom as multi-tasking as possible. When you purchase a Mood Living cabinet, it is important you read the product description online as you will see that some of our cabinets come with special features – such as the addition of Bluetooth. By adding Bluetooth to our cabinets, you can safely connect your mobile up to keep any electronic devices safe from water damage by keeping them away from the shower. Simply connect up and let the mirror do the work, allowing the built-in Bluetooth speakers project your favourite songs while you have a sing-a-long in the shower. To make your bathroom experience even better, you can stay in your hot shower as long as your like, because Mood Living wire-free demister pads mean your mirrors will remain steam free from morning to night, no matter how long you’re in the shower you won’t have to worry about not being able to see your reflection whenever you step out.

Shaver Socket - Bathroom Cabinet 

Finally, there is an additional feature inside Mood Living cabinets. A 240v shaver socket is positioned and installed in the cabinet to help maximise both space and safety. It is operated by an on/off switch that works independently from the LED lights switch. The shaver socket means that you can discreetly charge your shavers and electric toothbrushes inside your cabinet, keeping your bathroom decluttered but also meaning these items are charged and ready to go whenever you need them.

Mood Living bathroom cabinets come in a variety of styles and finishes, but each of them is wall hung and therefore while we provide a guide on fitting this storage unit, we always recommend getting a professional to fit your mirrored cabinet as they will be able to secure it safely, keeping your walls protected and ensuring the cabinet, once fitted, will last you a lifetime.

Bathrooms have a tendency to become messy and overcrowded, that’s why having a bathroom cabinet hung on your wall can truly transform any bathroom. By opening up more floor space, your wall cabinet will help you declutter your bathroom, allowing you to store away toothbrushes and products out of sight. A mirrored cabinet is the perfect storage space and vanity unit combined.

Mood Living Bathroom Storage Solutions 

If you are looking for bathroom storage solutions, or simply a new modern bathroom style, look no further than Mood Living. Our cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, perfect for any bathroom large or small. All of our products come with aftersales care and a product guarantee: all of our items are manufactured to the highest quality and we have no doubt that you will love them. If you have any queries about any Mood Living products, don’t hesitate to get it touch with one of the members of our team – simply click on the contact section of our website and we’ll do our best to answer any of your questions about Mood Living bathroom cabinets, or any of our other products.


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