8 Reasons You Need an Illuminated Mirror in Your Home

If you’re thinking about giving your home a little TLC and perhaps getting a new mirror for your bathroom or bedroom, you might be stuck on which style to go for.

With so many beautiful mirrors out there, narrowing it down can be tricky.

Well, we’re here to tell you that every home needs an illuminated mirror - and here is why!

1. They look good

First and foremost, you can get illuminated mirrors in lots of different styles and finishes, so you can still find the perfect size and shape for your rooms. 

What’s more, having lights that hang over your mirror in a bid to see better can actually be a bit of an eyesore. You can see the bulbs reflected in the mirror, and they also take up valuable head space in smaller rooms.

For this reason, backlit mirrors are not only practical, but they also look great and complement your room too.

2. They offer an even (and useful) source of light 

Choosing an illuminated mirror means they are built for purpose and won’t cast any unsightly shadows on you when you use them. This is because the light is distributed evenly around the mirror so you can see yourself clearly.

This also makes it better for applying makeup, shaving, styling your hair or whatever your beauty regime entails. And hey, that’s what a mirror is for, right?

3. They can turn any room into a dressing room

Illuminated mirrors still aren’t very widely used but the addition of these to your bedroom or bathroom can instantly make it feel glamorous and dramatic, like the dressing room of a Hollywood star!

And because they aren’t widely used, they also make a bit of a statement and will certainly be a talking point for guests who visit your home.

4. They can be better for the planet

Because many illuminated mirrors will use LED lights or other energy-saving solutions, rather than incandescent ones, these mirrors can actually use a lot less energy than your average light. However, you should look into which type of bulb is used before purchasing your new mirror.

If you choose one with LEDs, not only are they going to be more energy-efficient and better for the planet, but in most cases, they will also last a lot longer than your average light bulb. 

5. They can help set the mood

Whether you’re having a relaxing bath or sitting in your bedroom reading a book, the soft glow of your illuminated mirror can really set the mood. These can be dimmer and warmer than some light bulbs, making them perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the evenings - no matter what you’re doing.

6. They create depth

You probably know all about how mirrors can open up a space and make it look bigger and brighter, but with an illuminated mirror, this is even more true! 

As well as opening up the room, you can create a real sense of depth with the mirror coming slightly away from the wall to add another layer to your decor.

What’s more, illuminated cabinets in a bathroom can add depth whilst also being a great storage solution. This is ideal for smaller rooms that you want to feel bigger and have more places to keep your belongings. 

7. They are surprisingly easy to install

They might sound like they’re going to be complicated or difficult to install but the reality is, these are actually pretty straightforward. If you’re low on cash, you could even create your own illuminated mirror using a strip of LED lights.

Alternatively, for a more professional, flawless look, buy a pre-built illuminated mirror and have it installed in your chosen room. Specialists from your chosen company should be able to come and put this in for you.

8. They make you look good 

And perhaps most importantly, these mirrors can make you look good and give you a confidence boost before you head out the door! This is because the soft glow of the lights will always make sure you look great, rather than bright invasive lighting that can be less flattering.


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