Wow Your Dinner Guests With the Perfect Dining Tables and Chairs

We all know the secret competition that we all have with each other when friends and family are invited over for dinner. You want to make sure that everything is perfect, from the food to the atmosphere to the overall experience. Come Dine With me really encapsulates our desire to one-up each other. You use every weapon at your disposal to wow your guests, from the music to the food. However, one thing that is often forgotten about and that you shouldn’t overlook is your furniture.

You need to have properly kitted out and decorated rooms to really set an impression for your guests, whether they're friends or family or even the boss. Guests dining in a well-decorated room with a great atmosphere will be twice as likely to enjoy their time at your home then they would if you had old, mismatched furniture that took away from the overall experience.

If you’re looking for ways you can become known for your fantastic dinner parties, you should check Mood Living’s guide to throwing the perfect dinner party and how essential pieces of furniture such as your dining table and chairs can be an essential ingredient to dinner party success.

What Makes up a Dinner Party?

There are many important steps that go into throwing an amazing dinner party that goes beyond just serving delicious food and drink. If you're a wining and dining expert then you’ll know all there is to know, but if you need to brush up on your hosting knowledge, we've summarised the steps you should take to throw an unforgettable dinner party for your guests.

To host a successful dinner party, you need to consider the dining room itself, and we don’t just mean making sure it is clean and tidy. Think about how you are going to decorate and present the dining room to ensure it is accommodating (and impressive) for your guests and any finishing touches you can make before guests arrive.

You can easily create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere to reduce any awkwardness and make guests feel relaxed through music. This is an essential part of a dinner party, as naturally, conversations can dry up so music will fill awkward silences. Also if you know your guests well enough, you can cleverly pick music they like so whilst you're busy cooking in the kitchen, they’ll have something in common they can talk about.  

An inviting atmosphere
It's important to make guests feel comfortable and welcome in our home. You can easily and effectively do this through lighting. Opt for warmer lighting such as using various lamps around the room to create an inviting atmosphere that will make diners feel at home.

Guest Entertainment

If you want to go one step further for your guests and get the reputation of being a fantastic dinner party host, you can organise some entertainment for your guests. Popular and common forms of entertainment for dinner parties are board games and trivia games. Set them up on the dining table for guests to play before or after dinner. Entertainment is a perfect way to keep guests busy if things are running over or a great way to end a superb evening. You can even opt for food-based trivia games and questions, just to keep things on theme.

Effectively decorating your dining room can reflect on your personal style in interior design whilst also giving guests something to admire and talk about what they’re sipping on their drinks in between courses. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can choose decorative dining essentials that can act as both an essential utensil and a decoration all in one. This can include things such as impressive serving dishes, stunning crockery and classic, gorgeous dessert displays that you can proudly present on dining tables or countertop surfaces.

How The Best Dining Tables and Chairs Can Up Your Furniture Game

Guests won’t be able to fully be immersed in their dining experience if their chair is wonky, creaking or uncomfortable, nor will your spread look particularly impressive on a sloping table. Make sure you’ve got stylish and comfortable dining tables and chairs for your dinner party. Not only will they serve their purpose and be an effective investment, but they’ll also be a great way to impress guests with your clear taste for interior design.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current set of dining tables and chairs, we have a great selection for you to choose from to make your dining room feel complete.

Whether you prefer the timeless and classic finish of darker wood, or you want to lighten your space with paler oak, you’ll be sure to find the perfect set or individual pieces in our dining range.

Whatever your style, we have a range of drop leaf tables and folding dining tables that you’ll love. These types of dining tables are perfect for if you’re conscious of space in your dining room but still like to get the dining table out for special occasions and dinner parties. Choose from dining tables with contemporary rounded edges or sleek and modern rectangular edges.

Our dining chairs are comfortable, functional and a perfect addition to your dining room. Say goodbye to wonky chairs with our high quality, oak dining chairs. Our chairs are available in a selection of finishes including natural oak, walnut and white, as well as being available in a choice of gorgeous designs, so feel free to browse our selection and have fun designing your perfect dining furniture set.

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With our expert knowledge on interior spaces including bathrooms and dining rooms, we can help you to make the most out of your living spaces with stunning and high-quality furniture pieces.


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