Put The FIRE in Fireplace With Our Accessories Guide

If you’re lucky enough to have a cosy and inviting fireplace in your home, then you’ll know how much a fireplace can become your pride and joy. However, sometimes we neglect our fireplaces and they quickly need some TLC to restore them to their finer glory.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your fireplace and you’re looking at making it the centrepiece of your living room, we can help! We've put together a guide of fireside accessories that we think can really make your fireplace stand out and look the best it ever has, as well as adding a little something extra to our living room.

Why Decorate Your Fireplace

You may be wondering, what is the point of decorating or accessorising my fireplace? Well, there are many reasons as to why you should invest a little time into your fireplace. Not only will it create an inviting space for guests and our family, but it can also help to add some extra value to your home if you are trying to sell it on the market!

For example, when you have guests round who don’t have a fireplace in their home, they’ll straight away be drawn to it, so it's important to make sure your fireplace is looking its best! If you take pride in your living room decor, why stop at your fireplace? It can be an essential feature in your living room that reflects on your personal interior style and act as a piece of decor as well as a functional addition to your room.

We all know fireplaces look lovely once they are filled with logs and are light up with glowing flames inside, but what about when it is out of use? Once summer starts approaching, your fireplace may be out of action for quite some time and this is when it can start to look a little drab. By ensuring it is nicely decorated and accessorised, it can continue to look grand in your living room, whether it's lit or not.

You don’t have to go over the top with elaborate decorations, however. Current interior design trends show that just a simply decorated fireplace with a few fireside accessories can do the job just fine, whilst keeping you in line with the latest living room trends.

How Can You Decorate

There are lots of simple yet effective ways that you can design a stunning fireplace using both functional and attractive fireside accessories. We don’t just mean adding some vases and photo frames to the top of the mantlepiece, however…

If you’re looking to reflect on current trends in interior design, or you want to create a minimalist space using subtle accessories, then we recommend using a stove hearth saver. These functional fireside accessories work to catch ashes to stop making a mess on your carpet, but can also make a fireplace look smart and well-designed.

Choose from a style that suits your fireplace, such as:

  • Simple design - this is made to suit most stoves and can easily be incorporated into your current interior design plan for your lounge. Just slot in and enjoy the useful and stylish effects it has on your fireplace!
  • Rustic design - this is the perfect option for bigger and heavier stoves, such as big fireplaces in farmhouses.
  • All black finish - perfect for those wanting to take note from the popular black trend in interior design, or for those who want something easy to style and subtle, the black finish is a sleek and stylish option for interior enthusiasts.
  • Black with silver detail - if you like to incorporate bold metals and silver tones into your living room decor, this is a great option for you.
  • Black with brass detail - if you're looking to create a cosy, classic living space, we recommend this finish of hearth saver. Brass is also a timeless trend in interior design, so you’ll never look out of style

Stylish Fireside Additions

If you’re a fan of bolder, statement pieces, then an impressive fireguard with a stylish design can be a perfect addition to your fireplace. By placing this fireguard in front of your fireplace, you can not only disguise a fireplace that is out of action or needing some repairs and maintenance but can also add a statement and intensive element to your living room.

We also have more subtle fireguards and ash guards, should you wish to add this to your living room without becoming the focal point of the room. With thin, slatted designs, they can easily be added to your room without being too overwhelming (perfect for smaller spaces!)

Are you using a grubby old bucket from the garden to store your coal next to your fireplace? If so, say goodbye to the rusty bucket and hello to a smooth, sleek and stylish coal bucket from Mood Living. Whilst this is such a simple addition, it can make such a difference to the overall appearance of your fireplace and is an essential fireside accessory. We think the smooth black finish would work well for modern and contemporary living rooms.

Start Decorating Today!

If you’re sick and tired of having a sad, drab looking fireplace and you want to be able to show it off again to visitors and enjoy it in all its glory, then we can help. With our extensive range of fireside accessories, you can pick and choose from a selection of pieces and find the perfect accessories for your fireplace.

We also have useful fireplace tools such as ash carriers and shovels, however, we haven’t compromised on these as they are still designed to look great in your lounge, just like any other items in our fireside accessories range.

If you need any help getting started or you have questions about any of our other ranges including our selection of bathroom mirrors and cabinets or dining range, feel free to get in touch with us. Our friendly team will be able to answer any queries you have and help you on your way to achieving your dream home.


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