Reflect Your True Style With The Perfect Bathroom Mirrors

Whilst for some, bathroom mirrors are just an essential piece of furniture that needs to be hung up on the wall and forgotten about, there are others who seek the most stylish, interesting and unique bathroom mirrors to transform their personal space.

At Mood Living, we know the importance of finding the perfect bathroom mirrors for interior enthusiasts, which is why we’re here to help you reflect your true style through the use of bathroom mirrors.

Create moods with the use of lights

Whether you like to keep things classic or get a little creative, we think that incorporating lighting into your bathroom, especially within your bathroom mirrors, can be the perfect way to create different moods and atmospheres, therefore reflecting your style even more. Bold lighting can reflect a confident and modern style, whilst more diffused lighting can be ideal for creating a chic bathroom appearance.

Luxury and glamour - the bathroom is an important place for many people’s morning routines, especially those who like to be glamorous! Bathroom mirrors with integrated lights can not only reflect your glamorous personality but also be incredibly useful for getting ready for big nights out. We thoroughly recommend our Hollywood mirrors for those of you who seek a little bit of glamour, even in their bathrooms. The rounded bulbs around the edges create a show-stopping look and add a touch of pizazz to a bathroom.

Bright and smart - if you’re someone who likes to get up in the morning and feel refreshed, energised and motivated, illuminated bathroom mirrors can definitely help! Not only are they perfect for adding to a smart and stylish bathroom or helping to create an open and airy space, but they can also come in handy for those early morning starts.

Relaxed - bathroom mirrors with ambient lighting are the perfect choice for you. If you’re all about comfort and relaxing in a hot bath with some candles on, these mirrors are a great choice. The lighting is soft and gentle, providing a calm environment. If you have a laid-back style, this is the mirror for you.

Simple designs or something louder

Bathroom mirrors can either be simple and classic in appearance or sometimes a little more exciting. Whatever you choose all depends on your personal taste and style preferences. For example, if you want something chic and elegant that will seamlessly blend into your bathroom and match your existing furniture, we recommend choosing either a rectangular or oval shaped mirror with no engraving, detail or lights

If you have a plain wall in your bathroom that you want to jazz up with something more eye-catching, you should opt for a bathroom mirror with a different shape, such as a modern octagon shape.

Stylish but practical

If you’re someone who likes to combine practicality with stylish elements, illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are a perfect choice for your bathroom. Not only can they keep clutter at bay, helping you to achieve that stylish and organised bathroom you've always dreamt of, but they can also add a contemporary twist to your bathroom.

Choose from bathroom mirror cabinets with simplistic lighting designs for something a little more understated or go bold with big, bright designs and impress your guests. Whatever option you choose you can guarantee you’ll receive a gorgeous, high-quality mirror cabinet.

Find your perfect bathroom mirror today

At Mood Living, we have such a wide range of stunning bathroom mirrors for you to choose from, so finding your ideal bathroom mirror doesn’t have to be impossible. From illuminated bathroom mirrors to classic staples, we have mirrors to suit your specific tastes and requirements.

Get in touch with a member of our team today if you have any questions about our range of products.


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