The Latest Trend In Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom trends are constantly changing throughout the years, with certain bathroom accessories rocketing to the number one spot in the most wanted by interior designers and home-decor enthusiasts.

If you're keen on keeping up to date with the latest trends so you can always make sure your bathroom is looking its best, we can help.

We’ve summarised some of the latest bathroom trends, including a selection of bathroom accessories that your bathroom needs for 2019.

Back to black

Whilst grey was the dominating trend of 2017 and 2018, black is taking over as the newest popular colour to use in bathrooms in 2019. Whilst black may seem like an overwhelming colour to use in a bathroom, there are clever ways you can incorporate this trend into your own bathroom. Invest in smaller black bathroom accessories for example.

Black towel rings and rails would look fantastic against a white bathroom wall, perfect for those aiming to achieve a stylish and modern bathroom.

Rustic and industrial themes

Sleek and modern bathrooms are a timeless trend, but rustic and industrial themed bathrooms are all the rage for 2019. Adding in these perfectly imperfect elements can make your bathroom have a unique feel. Don’t worry about investing in permanent bathroom fixtures, you can always incorporate this trend with bathroom accessories.

This trend perfectly complements another recent trend of having concrete accents in your bathroom. By incorporating different elements of these two trends into your bathroom, you could be left with a truly unique and amazing space that is taking bathroom trends to a whole new level

Metallic glamour

Chrome is all the rage with interior designers and home-decor enthusiasts, and it's making its way into bathroom trends too. Chromatic bathroom accessories such as towel rails and robe hooks are perfect examples of how you can introduce this trend into your bathroom at home in simple and affordable ways.

At Mood Living, we have a selection of bathroom accessories finished in this popular metallic colour so you can shop for these on-trend accessories for your bathroom and experiment with this bold and effective trend.

Big impressions

Once upon a time, it was frowned upon to put big bathroom accessories such as large mirrors in small bathroom spaces, but 2019 sees people making room for bigger statement pieces in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

If you’re worried about how this trend could look in your bathroom, especially if it is on the smaller side, we have a trick! Mirrors are often used to make a smaller space seem bigger, so if you were to opt for a big mirror you could be taking advantage of this latest trend without cramping your bathroom.

Impactful mirrors

In 2019, we’re seeing homeowners make big statements with mirrors. Whether that be a sleek and impressive illuminated mirror taking up a big space on the wall, or a mirror in a more unique shape than the standard or oval, mirrors are dominating the bathroom accessory trends at the moment.

Feeling inspired? Check out our stunning range of bathroom accessories and redesign your bathroom with 2019 trends in mind. Contact a member of the team if you have any questions about stock and delivery.

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