5 Essential Things You Need to Consider for your Bathroom Remodel

Since bathrooms are one of the most used and often favourite rooms in the home, there’s little wonder that people like to remodel their bathrooms to fit with current interior trends. Recent trends show that people are choosing to “improve not move” when it comes to their homes and bathrooms, which means people are eager to find essential furniture items and decorative pieces to complete their remodel.

At Mood Living, we’re leaders in supplying great bathroom essentials. We also have knowledge of essentials that homeowners need to consider when remodelling their home. If you’re about to embark on a home renovation mission and transform your bathroom, either to refresh your home or increase its selling value, carry on reading!

In this blog, you’ll find our top 5 recommendations or things you need for your bathroom remodel so you can feel prepared, organised and ready to create the bathroom of your dreams.

  • 1. 2019 Summer Interior Trends

  • Before you begin remodelling your bathroom, it's always good to have a general vision or idea of what you want the finished result to look like. Often, many people go in with cans of paint and buy bathroom furniture without really knowing what they want their finished bathroom to look like.

    If you need some inspiration, we recommend checking out some of the latest interior design trends when it comes to bathrooms. For example, you can look at celebrities bathrooms to get a general idea of the themes they are going for and apply this to your own bathroom.

    For 2019, we’re seeing a lot of bathrooms that are trying to achieve open, airy space. This can be done either through the use of bathroom mirrors or reflective surfaces, as well as reducing the overall amount of furniture in the bathroom.

    It’s also becoming popular for people to remodel their bathrooms with a minimalist and neutral design spec. This has definitely been inspired by celebrity bathrooms! Better yet, it's really easy to implement into your new bathroom design. 

  • 2. Lighting Design - Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

  • If you’re considering changing up your bathroom, always think about your current lighting setup. Lighting is imperative to modelling a great bathroom and can either make or break your bathroom design.

    It doesn’t always need to be a huge job of rewiring your lighting fixtures! We actually have a wide range of illuminated bathroom mirrors that feature bright, high quality LED lighting that can contribute to the lighting of your overall bathroom.

    We have a wide range of bathroom mirrors that feature LED lighting in a great range of designs, so you can find a stylish and effective bathroom mirror for your new bathroom. You can also choose from cool, bright LEDs to slightly warmer ones, ideal for creating a specific ambience in your new bathroom.

  • 3. Storage - Maximise on Space

  • It's important to analyse your current use of space to see if you can maximise the available floor space in your bathroom. For example, if you have a selection of old cupboards, drawers and other random pieces of furniture items, you should consider updating these for more modern and space-effective furniture.

    To solve these kind of problems, we have a selection of intuitive bathroom cabinets. They are not only designed to act as a cupboard and mirror in one, but they also provide modern storage solutions to keep your bathroom looking clean, tidy and organised.

    By removing free-standing floor furniture such as bulky drawers and replacing them with mirrored bathroom cabinets that you can affix to the wall, you’ll be opening up a huge amount of floor space. This will open up so much more opportunity to experiment with your new bathroom.

  • 4. Design with the Future in Mind

  • With interior trends constantly changing and homes becoming more smart and future-proof, you should consider remodelling your bathroom with the future in mind. For example, our bathroom mirrors actually utilise advanced technology when it comes to mirrors…

    For example, they utilise technology and high quality materials to ensure they do not become steamed up in the bathroom. This can look particularly impressive and be entertaining for your guests.

    Combining this with the LEDs and high quality reflection, your bathroom can take on a fresh, modern look whilst still providing people with the essential furniture items they need to enjoy using the bathroom.

    If you concentrate on creating a future-proof bathroom, you can enjoy your bathroom space much more and for much longer too! This is because high quality bathroom furniture will last longer and won’t need replacing as often.

  • 5. Organisation

  • Finally, it's time to reassess how you organise your bathroom essentials. Once you’ve decided on your actual furniture, it's important to know how you will use this to organise bathroom essentials. With so many things to organise in a bathroom, such as toiletries, cleaning products and other miscellaneous items, it's easy to see why people opt for second best when it comes to bathroom storage and organisation, just to get things put away.

    However, if you’re savvy with your bathroom remodelling, you can tick multiple boxes with one piece of furniture. For example, our mirrored bathroom cabinets are a perfect solution for effective bathroom storage, whilst also acting as a bathroom mirror. You can put little boxes and jars in these cabinets to keep everything organised which will, in turn, reduce the amount of visible clutter in your bathroom.

    It’s Time to Change Your Bathroom!

    Are you considering taking on a DIY project and remodelling your bathroom? If so, you can find plenty of bathroom essentials on the Mood Living website. From bathroom mirrors to bathroom cabinets, we can help you to remodel your bathroom and create the perfect bathroom you’ve always wanted, keeping in mind your specific design requirements.

    If you have any questions about our range of products such as our bathroom mirrors, please feel free to get in touch with our expert and friendly team. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you have and help you find the ideal bathroom furniture pieces for your new bathroom.

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