Look Your Best with the Help of Hollywood Mirrors

Hollywood mirrors are an absolute classic bedroom accessory. These premium quality, illuminated mirrors have been used in the dressing rooms of famous Broadway performers for many years before they finally made their way into the average home.

Due to their large surface area of high quality mirror and the bright, LED bulbs that adorn the outer edges, Hollywood mirrors became particularly popular with women looking to find the perfect mirror for their home whilst achieving a luxurious and glamorous aesthetic. Soon enough, they become an essential tool for getting ready for a big night out!

Hollywood mirrors can provide you with so much more than just your standard mirror. Here at Mood Living, we know all there is to know about gorgeous Hollywood mirrors and we’re here to share with you how they can help you look your best! If you’re looking for the perfect dressing room mirror that can help you with your night out routine, keep on reading to learn all about the benefits of these stunning mirrors.

Good Surface Area

Hollywood mirrors are popular due to having a large surface area to work with. Gone are the days of using a small, handheld mirror to try and perfect your makeup or do your hair. Instead, with a Hollywood mirror, you can sit and have your whole head and face in frame to be able to work your magic and create stunning looks without having to sit at awkward angles or swap between different mirrors.

Whether you just need to quickly do your hair for work or you’re having a big night out, Hollywood mirrors can provide you with a big enough surface area to be able to work with to look your best.

The extra bonus of this large surface area is that it’ll make your bedroom look and feel much bigger and more spacious. This can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom, meaning you’ll be happier spending more time in there whilst you perfect your look.

High Quality Glass

Cheap mirrors are not helpful when it comes to getting ready. In fact, they can just be down-right frustrating! The warped reflection combined with the fuzzy, dull appearance of the mirror makes it almost impossible to work with. This will then directly impact on your getting ready routine and ultimately, your final hair or makeup look.

However, the mirror we use in our Hollywood mirrors is high quality, silver backed glass. But how does this help you in your getting ready routine? Essentially, the high quality glass will provide you with a clearer reflection without any warping in your reflection. This means you’ll have a clearer view of your hair and face without any problems!

When you can see yourself more clearly, you can enjoy playing with your makeup to create showstopping looks! You’ll no longer have to squint and constantly wipe your mirror during your makeup routine. Instead, you can swipe on your eyeshadow whilst being able to clearly see where you are applying it.


This is by far one of the most useful and exciting benefits of a Hollywood mirror, and a big reason as to how they can help you look your best! Hollywood mirrors feature large, LED bulbs around the outer edges of the mirror. When you sit in front of your mirror and switch them on, your face will be illuminated in bright, stunning light.

This feature is exceptionally useful on dark, dull days where the natural light is poor, or if you don’t have adequate lighting solutions in your bedroom. All of your features will be highlighted and illuminated so you can easily see your facial features.

If you’ve ever tried to apply makeup in a dull room, then you’ll know 9 times out of 10, it won’t end well. However, with your trusty Hollywood mirror, you can have all the light you need to be able to get ready with confidence. You can also use the dimmer switch on our Hollywood mirrors to adjust the brightness to the perfect level for you and your needs.

Versatile - Fix it Wherever You Need It

No more craning your head or neck to get the perfect angle for your eyeliner. With our range of Hollywood mirrors, you can choose to have them affixed to the wall at whatever height is best suited to you. Alternatively, you can use the base to have them free standing on your dressing table.

By choosing to have one of our Hollywood mirrors in your dressing room, you can sit comfortably in front of your mirror for however long it takes you to get ready without having to sit or stand at awkward and uncomfortable angles.

Added Benefits

Just as you thought Hollywood mirror couldn’t get any better, they present you with one more amazing benefits! With USB and plug sockets implemented into the mirror, you can plug in your hair tools, your phone or anything else you need to get yourself ready.

The plug sockets are ideal for hairdryers and straighteners, whilst the USB plug sockets are perfect for giving your phone a bit of juice whilst you get ready for your big night out. If you’re someone who’s looking for convenience and style, Hollywood mirrors are the perfect choice for you.

This can benefit you by having everything in one place. No more having to walk from room to room just to use different appliances due to plug socket restrictions! Instead, you can sit comfortably with everything you need right in front of you.

Get Your Hollywood Mirror Today

Are you feeling inspired by a Hollywood mirror? If so, make sure you browse our range from Mood Living today to find the perfect one for you. We’ll make sure you are only offered the highest quality Hollywood mirrors with all the added bonuses you’d expect.

Need some more information? Feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll be able to advise you on things like product specs, as well as general product information.


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