Struggling to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy? Read This

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s used very frequently, being used during morning routines or some nighttime TLC. Bathrooms are also a room shared by everyone in the home, which means they can get particularly messy much faster.

This is especially the case in busy family homes or student houses where people are going in and out of the bathroom many times in the day. It's actually now been proven that we Brits spend more time in our bathrooms than ever before, so there’s little wonder that we’re seeing them get much messier much faster!

We understand it can be hard to keep on top of the mess that can accumulate in your bathroom. There’s towels to fold up and put away, toiletries strewn across every surface, toilet roll tubes scattered everywhere and miscellaneous items that just don’t seem to have a home. (We’re talking about you, kirby grips and cotton pads).

If your bathroom is starting to resemble a dumping ground, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you to keep on top of the clutter and make your bathroom a pleasant space once more. Having a clean, tidy and organised bathroom can make your whole home feel more put together. It also means you don’t have to be embarrassed when you have guests round!

Jars for Nick-Nacks

Bathrooms have a funny way of accumulating random items that just don’t seem to have an actual home. We’re talking cotton wool balls or q-tips, hair grips, packets of floss, denture cleaning tablets - the works. However, there is a genius and actually rather stylish solution to this all-too-common problem.

Jars, such as the classic apothecary jars that are popular with influencers and DIY enthusiasts are actually a great way to store annoying bits and bobs that are scattered across your bathroom surfaces.

If this isn’t your thing, why not just use some baskets? These can be put in bathroom cabinets to better organise loose items, or simply placed around the bathroom to help you keep on top of bathroom necessities.

Go Light on Decorations

Of course, it’s nice to decorate your bathroom to make it feel personalised. However, there's only a certain amount of wall decor, accessories and other random “ditties” a bathroom can take before it starts to feel cluttered and cramped.

Instead, try to keep things fresh and minimal. Not only will it keep your bathroom feeling fresh, but it’ll also be in line with modern interior design trends! The key here is to keep your surfaces are bare as possible, as the appearance of lots of stuff will make your bathroom feel messy, even when it really isn’t.

Storage is Key

Let’s face it, bathroom products aren’t always pretty. The bright orange bottle of bleach can really clash with your clean and classic colour scheme. Bottles of limescale remover and surface cleaners aren’t exactly the nicest things to have out on show. However, if you have some savvy storage solutions in your bathroom, you can hide away these unsightly bathroom items and enjoy a clean, organised and attractive bathroom space.

Better yet, if you opt for stunning bathroom storage solutions such as one of our bathroom cabinets, you can totally transform your bathroom! Not only are our bathroom cabinets sleek, chic and effortlessly stylish, but they also have plenty of storage opportunities so you can better organise your bathroom.

Simply affix one of these bathroom cabinets to your bathroom wall and organise everything in your bathroom. Give every bathroom items a new home, from makeup and hair styling products, to all other random bits and bobs.

By opting for one of our bathroom cabinets, you’ll also be getting a mirror! This can reduce the total amount of individual furniture pieces you have in the bathroom making it feel less cluttered.

Folded Towel Rails

That wine rack in your dining room has just got a whole new purpose! If you struggle with rogue towels lounging around our bathroom with no real place to be, you can turn a simple wine rack into a folded towel rack.

Simply pop one of these in your bathroom, roll up your loose towels and slide them into the holders and voila! You have perfectly organised towels that look just as good as towels that are so elegantly displayed in homeware and home accessory stores.

Worried about your towel rail not matching your bathroom aesthetic? Just give it a little coat of spray paint in your chosen colour and it’ll be like a brand new piece of furniture with less of a cost!

Light up Your Bathroom

A dark, dull and dingy bathroom can feel really messy and grungy no matter how clean you keep it. However, you can add extra light to your bathroom and illuminate even the darkest of corners with illuminated bathroom mirrors.

These mirrors are a perfect way to add a little light into your bathroom, ideal for bathrooms that suffer from poor lighting or smaller sized bathrooms that could do with some illumination. A well-lit room can make a space feel more open, reducing any feelings of cluttered claustrophobia and instead creating an airy, open space that you and your family can enjoy morning and night.

If you want to combine the storage option with the illumination option, you're in luck! We also have illuminated bathroom cabinets that can cover both of those things. Complete with high quality glass and LED lighting, illuminated bathroom cabinets from Mood Living are the perfect solution for those wanting to make the most of their bathrooms.

Sort Out Your Bathroom Today

We understand that a bathroom is a really important part of your home, which means keeping it clean and tidy is really important. With the right bathroom furniture such as bathroom cabinets, you can keep your bathroom in tip-top condition.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our bathroom range including our bathroom cabinet and bathroom mirrors. Our friendly and helpful team can help you to find the perfect product while providing genuine, honest advice on our entire range.


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