7 Space Saving Ideas For Your Bathroom

We often accept that the bathroom is one the smallest room in the house, but this doesn’t make it any less frustrating that there never seems to be enough storage or space.

Between rushing around to get ready for work, preparing for a night out or just wanting to relax and unwind after a long day, a lot goes on in your bathroom.

So if you’re tired of battling your tiny room and you don’t have the space or budget for a huge refurbishment, we’ve got just what you need.

In this guide, we’re going to share our tips and tricks for making the most of every square inch of space in your bathroom, including some of our favourite creative storage hacks.

So if you’re ready to transform your space, read on to find out more.

1. Make more of your mirror 

Every bathroom needs at least one mirror, but have you considered a dual-purpose mirror? A beautiful mirrored cabinet is not only a stylish addition to your bathroom, but it is also a great storage solution for smaller spaces.

When closed, you can brush your teeth or check your make up, but swing the door open and you’ll reveal a number of shelves where you can store your healthcare and beauty products.

And nowadays, you can get some really beautiful mirrored cabinets, including luxurious illuminated cabinets complete with LED lights.

2. Choose a wall-mounted towel racks

Rather than having your towels stacked up on the side or in a free-standing unit and taking up room, why not get yourself a wall-mounted towel rack?

This could be a flat, heated towel rack behind the door, though this is usually only ideal if you live on your own or with one other person and don’t need lots of towels. 

Alternatively, a wall-mounted storage unit with individual cubbyholes can be a great space saver. If you learn how to properly roll your larger towels, then you’ll be able to fit even more inside.

3. Get yourself a shower organiser 

One of the simplest ways to declutter your bathroom and make more of your space is to ensure that everything has a place.

A shower organiser is the perfect way to free up space on your bath and surfaces. You could opt for a shower caddy that sticks to the wall or a hanging organiser that hooks over the shower rail and hangs inside the shower.

This gives you a place to store your shower gel, shampoo, razors, sponges and anything else you may need whilst in the shower. 

4. Make the most of every corner

Why not occupy space that isn’t being used by making the most of every corner. This could mean installing a corner sink, or perhaps, if you’re looking for something a little less drastic, simply have some corner shelves mounted on the wall.

You could even go for a set of floor-to-ceiling triangle shelves in the corner to keep all your belongings on. This can help to free up space elsewhere in your bathroom.

5. Even the toilet can be a storage opportunity

The space immediately around the toilet doesn’t have to go to waste either. You can add more storage to your bathroom by purchasing a shelving unit that fits nicely over the back of the toilet.

Alternatively, you could add another cabinet or some floating shelves on the wall above the toilet.

6. Transform baskets into shelves 

Another inexpensive but stylish storage solution is to mount a set of wicker baskets to the wall to act as shelves.

With their open top, these are ideal places to keep your lotions, toiletries, makeup, small towels and more.

7. Say goodbye to the bath

And the final suggestion on our list is one that requires a bit more work but can definitely free up some space.

If you very rarely use your bath and prefer to shower, then why not consider getting rid of your bath altogether?

Of course, this will take a bit more time, effort and you need to be sure that you definitely don’t want the bath before you remove it, but this can be a real transformation of your space.

A shower takes up far less room, so you can free up more space for living or for other practical storage solutions.


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