A Guide To Using Mirrors To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Mirrors are great multitaskers. Not only are they used for checking yourself out and making sure you look good, but they also have the ability to make a small room look much bigger and to create a sense of space and light.

So if you’ve got a small bathroom, you might be wondering how you can transform the room to make it appear more spacious without having to knock a few walls down. Well, we can help you with that.

Below, we’ve pulled together a guide to using mirrors to create space. We’ll also look at some of the best types of mirrors to help you do this. 

Use mirrors to create a window

Smaller bathrooms might also mean the room has smaller windows too, which can make the space feel even more restricted. But the good news is, there is a solution.

By getting yourself a mirror that is cut and framed to mimic a window, it will serve as a focal point of the room and help to brighten it up, much like a larger window would.

This can stop it from feeling quite as cramped or claustrophobic. 

Create an optical illusion with tall mirrors 

There are loads of neat optical illusions you can create using tall and slender mirrors (think stretching yourself in a house of mirrors), so why not try this method in your bathroom.

By using tall and, in particular, thin mirrors, you draw the eye upwards. This can make the ceilings and walls feel taller, which creates a more spacious feel to the room as a whole.

Match your mirror with a light source

The key way in which a mirror is able to make a room feel bigger is through reflecting the light, and you can help make the room even brighter by choosing a mirror that comes with its own light source. And there are lots of stylish options available right now so you can boost the brightness and feel of the room.

For example, choose an LED illuminated mirror or one which comes with ambient lighting or bulbs like you see in Hollywood dressing rooms. Choose the style that best matches your bathroom, and this technique can work wonders for making the room feel bigger.

Practice mirror multiplication

Whether you are a collector of beautiful pieces or you have bought a set of multiple mirrors, these can add real character to your bathroom. But more than this, these can help to drastically brighten up the room and make it feel bigger and more airier.

And because these mirrors are more decorative than practical, you can get really creative. You could opt for circles, different size squares or even hexagons for a fun honeycomb effect.

Go big or go home

There are lots of interior designers out there that swear by the oversized mirror, so why not go big with it?

Of course, you have to be aware of your space and try to avoid bulky frames that might take up even more room, but as a general rule, a big mirror can seamlessly make the room appear larger.

That said, as this is going to be a huge focal piece, you need to make sure you choose a mirror that suits your decor and complements the style of your bathroom. 

Find a design that does double duty

The final suggestion in our guide is to find a mirror that is more than just a decorative piece or way to look at yourself. If you choose a mirror that does double the duty, this can be a secret weapon for your small space. 

For example, a bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors or a mirror with an adjoining shelf can be the ideal way to create boost light and space whilst also offering an additional storage solution. 

This might even mean you’re able to get rid of free-standing units or cluttered sides, which is another technique for freeing up space and making the room feel bigger. So it’s a win-win in both respects.

Make your mirror work for you 

These are just some of our top suggestions for how you can make your mirrors work for you. And you’ll be amazed at what adding just one mirror can do.

So find something that suits your personal style and the decor of your room, and you can quickly transform your space.


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