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I love it

Geoff H.
Helpful company first class


Love this so much

Bought this about a year ago for our new bathroom. We didn't install it so I don't know how easy it was but it's very heavy and took two of them. There was a small chip on the front when it was first installed (only evident when light turned on) and the customer service was amazing. They sent a new door as a replacement. It still looks great after a year and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

P. Levy
Looks fab

God is this heavy....I mean mad heavy.....Quality item..Its easy to install as I got a plumber to do it...I would of broken it!!

Highly recommended Excellent Quality ,Design, Value

I would like to recommend this lovey bathroom cabinet mirror for everyone . I’m very impressed with the quality , value and design.
When the mirror arrived I found the edge of the door broken so I contacted the company (Mood living Ltd) immediately. They sent us a new replacement door .
I am very happy with the new bathroom cabinet. I was looking for a new modern cabinet mirror with a light , socket and light sensor this one has it all with loads of storage
Highly highly recommended!

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