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Customer Reviews

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Nice mirror, great service

Excellent service. Product arrived with proper packaging which ensured it was not damaged. Installation was straightforward and the mirror and lighting were operational within 15 minutes. No idea on long term performance but so far so good.

Proper Job

Lovely mirror with bright LEDs to front and shaver / tooth brush socket to r.h.s. if in portrait. Make sure you have a reasonable length, 40cm or so, wire from the wall as the back plate needs to be screwed back on once the electrical connections have been made inside. Installation will require a second person to hold the mirror whilst this is completed. Really pleased with this product.

L Hampshire
It looks good.

It looks the part for our newly-painted bathroom and we wanted a light and a shaver point - the useful part of it. You can't use the light to see in the mirror or anywhere else as it is too contained in its own pattern, but it gives mood lighting to the room and isn't bright enough to wake you up much if you need the bathroom in the night!

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