How To Clean your Bathroom Mirror

Here at Mood Living a lot of our products focus on mirrors. One of our best sellers are our illuminated bathroom mirrors range. We are also known for our fantastic bathroom cabinet range – which also comes with mirrored doors. We think that a stylish mirror can be the crown of any bathroom and is essential for an efficient bathroom routine.

However, it is well known that mirrors can require a bit of maintenance. They can become cloudy from steam after showers, and they can need a good clean after your family has been brushing their teeth in front of it, or applying makeup. It’s only natural that product starts to build up on the mirror and a clean is required.

However, a bathroom mirror can be surprisingly tricky to return to its original shine. We’ve all tried to wipe down the bathroom mirror after a steamy shower, only to discover streaks all over it when we return. There is nothing more annoying than buffing away at your mirror, thinking it will be clean, but always stepping back to find streaks! Here at Mood Living, we take great pride in our pristine mirrors, and for that reason we are sharing this blog with helpful tips on how to clean your bathroom mirror efficiently.

To start with, there are a few things that you should avoid. These include wiping down your mirror when it is steamed up after a shower: the steam may seem like a great surface for wiping, but it can actually lead to more streaks than before. Avoid using paper towels, as these can leave residue behind, giving a dusty look to your mirror that will require further cleaning. Try also not to use general cleaning products that are not specifically for use on mirrors. Just as you use specific products for other areas in your home, make sure you are equally careful with what you spray on your bathroom mirrors.

You can easily find cleaning products specifically for mirror-cleaning in your cleaning products aisle at the grocery store. The main component in the majority of these products will be white vinegar. You can also find in this aisle an assortment of dusters and cloths. The best cloth to use for cleaning a mirror is a microfibre cloth.

The first step in cleaning your bathroom mirror thoroughly, before you even start to look at any streakiness, is to deal with obvious build-up of product and grime. This includes everything from toothpaste to hairspray that has landed on the mirror. Use a cotton pad to gently scrub away these bits of dirt so you have a smooth surface before you start buffing.

When you’re ready to start, spray down your mirror with your cleaning product. Use only a light mist and avoid standing too close to the mirror when spraying as this will only cause the product to layer too heavily and start dripping. Once your mirror has been sprayed, start in the top left corner and swipe to the top right. You want to start at the top so any product that runs downwards will be caught as you work your way down the mirror. Move back and forth, left to right, slowly buffing your way down the mirror. 

Once you have finished, take a step back from the mirror and view it from a couple of angles to see if you can spot any streaks. If you can, buff them out in a similar back and forth motion to remove the streak – don’t just scrub at that one area as you may only make the streak bigger. Never wipe down your mirror in a circular motion, and never let cleaning product dry on your mirror, you should always buff it out straight away.

We hope these cleaning tips of using a good mirror-cleaning product and zig zag motion help keep your bathroom mirror clean and streak free no matter how long your shower is, or how close someone brushes to the mirror. If you need any further tips or guidance on keeping your mirrors and cabinets in top condition, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Mood Living website.


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