Stove Fire Guard H32" 2 Sizes

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Stove Fire Guard ~ 32"H Screen Fireguard Sparkguard for Fireplace (54.5"W front x18"D return panels = 90.5" Wide in Total x32"H) Large

  • Original Diamond Design Stove Screen to fit around standard sized existing Hearths of 54" and 60" Wide
  • Front opening door gate which is secured by a latch at the rear out of reach of little hands
  • Smaller Size - Front Panels 54.25", Side Panels 18.25", Height 32" - Overall width 90.75"
  • Bigger Size - Front Panels 60.25", Side Panels 24.25", Height 32" - Overall width 108.75"
  • Width of side panels beside gate - Small screen 13" - Big screen 16.25"
  • Floor and Wall Fixings - added options for extra stability supplied with instructions


Diamond Fire and Stove Guard
  • It is designed to fit around an existing standard 54 inch wide hearth. 
  • The simple diamond design doesn't detract from or hide the features of your stove making this an attractive yet functional screen. 
  • The screen itself can be secured to the floor and wall giving extra stability. 
  • It is not obvious in the photograph but the floor fixings are at the front of the screen beneath the front opening and at the sides of the screen. 
  • This product comes in attractive packaging and is a great gift idea. 
  • It is supplied with fixings and instructions 
  • The front openings, which are secured by magnets at the bottom, allow for easy access to the stove however, a safety catch on the rear of this door make it less easy for the door to be inadvertently opened. 
  • This screen is very useful in helping to protect curious pets and little humans from the dangers of a hot stove, but please do not leave either unattended.


  • Total Width - 54" Hearth Screen is 90.50 inches 
  • Total Width - 60" Hearth Screen is 108.5 inches
  • Width of front panels - Small screen 54.5 inches - Big screen 60.5 inches 
  • Depth of side panels - Small screen 18 inches - Big screen 24 inches 
  • Height - Both screens are 32 inches high

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