Fire Screen Spark Guard 24.5"H x 21"W 680BK

£29.99 £15.99
Size: 24.5" X 21" X 3.5"

Rectangular SPARK GUARD Firesceen for your Fireplace 24.5" X 21" X 3.5" with Black Ornate Filigree Detail

  • Normally retailing at 29.99 this is a really good quality, Spark Guard which is suitable for any type of fire including solid fuel, gas or electric.
  • It has a very attractive carrying ring which is both decorative and practical. The filligree detail at the bottom of the screen gives a beautifully elegant finish.
  • The Crannog brand has been providing Fireside Accessories for over 25 yrs and has established itself as a market leader in terms of quality and service.


  • Height - 62cm
  • Width at top - 53cm
  • Width at bottom - 54.5cm
  • Depth - 8cm


  • Steel Metal Construction
  • Decorative Carrying Ring for Easy Handling
  • Flame Resistant Paint Finish

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