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Customer Reviews

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Great customer service

I really liked the features of the product. When it arrived there was a manufacturing fault. It happens. I was really impressed with the customer service response. What more can you ask.

Fantastic mirror cabinet

Adjustable shelf height, shaver socket, nice hinge, mirror ALL THE WAY in the cabinet. Love it. Although the light switch can be a bit less sensitive at some times. But overall with the price, AMAZING. Put 4 stars for assemble and install was because I need to get a handyman do it for me.

For over 30 Years We’ve Been Putting Customers First

We have been in business since we were tall enough to reach a till. We learned from our parents the value of respect and kindness and we learned through experience the value of a customer’s time and money.

We sell to our customers as if we are the customer. We always put ourselves in your shoes... because we have been there.

We always have been and always will be involved in our products every step of the way from design through to packaging. We anticipate your needs and do our best to solve a problem before it becomes one. We think about looks, safety, ease of installation and everything in between.

It matters because you matter. It is as simple as that!