The Benefits of Bathroom Mirrors

There’s no denying that bathroom mirrors are an absolute essential in every home. When furnishing our bathrooms, it is one of the first items we go to buy. This is because seeing our reflection is vital for most bathroom tasks such as shaving, applying make-up, and also for brushing our teeth. The bathroom mirror is one of the first items we make use of in the morning, and one of the last items we make use of before bed. However, we are here to tell you that there are even more benefits that come with bathroom mirrors. Have a read of some of the top benefits below and let us know if there are any more you can think of!


One of the perhaps most obvious benefits of a bathroom mirror is style. Usually, some amount of time and effort is put into picking a bathroom mirror because not only is the reflection important, but we want the mirror to look pleasing in our homes also. Here at Mood Living we take pride in our stunning selection of bathroom mirrors that come in a range of shapes, styles, and can even come with LED lighting. It is important to us that our customers find the mirror that works best for their home and meets their style expectations.


Mirrors are not only great for showing you your own reflection – they are great for reflecting light also. If your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of daylight, having a large mirror can make a big difference as it will bounce whatever light the room has access to around the room and make it seem much brighter and more spacious than it actually is. If this is the effect you want from your bathroom mirror, make sure to hang it on the wall opposite the window so it can reflect as much light as possible.


Mirrors don’t have to be just…mirrors. You can also purchase mirrored cabinets. Our mirrored cabinets at Mood Living are very popular and are available in a range of sizes. These are perfect for tidying up your bathroom by moving away any clutter to behind closed doors. Store your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and any number of bathroom items in your bathroom cabinet to keep them all in a safe and organised space while making your bathroom look much tidier.


Just as a mirror can give a bathroom a brighter look by reflecting light, so too can it create the illusion of having more space. The bigger the mirror, the more dramatic this effect is. If you have a tiny bathroom in your home, utilising large mirrors is a great way to make this area feel much more spacious.


Have you ever considered a bathroom mirror to be so stylish, it could also double as a piece of artwork? Finding artwork for bathrooms can be tricky, but we think that a mirror when styled correctly can work as an excellent artwork addition to any bathroom. You can choose a mirror with a decorative frame, a large mirror in a unique shape, or you could even curate an area made of several small mirrors. Your options are endless.

No matter what you want from a mirror, we are sure we can provide you with an option that meets all your needs. Here at Mood Living, all of our mirrors are BS standard, coming with guarantees and aftersales care. It’s vital to us that when our customers purchase one of our mirrors (or any of our products) that they love it for years to come.

If you have any questions about bathroom mirrors, whether it is about sizes and styles, or about additional features such as our LED lights or demister pads, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our website has lots of information available for you to browse, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, just head to our contact section. Our experts are always on hand to help and ready to answer any of your questions!


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