Summer Interior Trends You Should Know About

Not only does summer bring warmer weather, different fashion trends and wonderful memories, but it also brings a range of new interior trends! If you’re someone who is passionate about home design and keeping their home looking great and in line with current interior trends, it’s important to keep on top of what’s hot.

Ranging from popular colours to paint your bathroom to how to decorate your dining room or living room, interior trends are quickly changing and this is especially common over the summer months. This is because the longer and brighter days inspire more easy-breezy design ideas!

If you’re looking to give your entire home or specific rooms in your home a little refresh, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled some of the most popular and fresh summer interior design trends right now to give you the insight you need to decorate your home with style in mind. 

Eclectic Interiors are Favoured by Influencers

We’re all used to the phrase “less is more” but summer 2019 is taking on a “more is more” approach when it comes to interior design. This summer, we’re seeing more people step out of their comfort zones and experiment with their homes. 

Chloe Lloyd, a home and interior influencer, has taken on the eclectic interior design trend in her own home. This means adding prints, kitsch accessories and metallic accents to her home to create a space that is vibrant and full of character.

This is perfect if you’re trying to make your house feel more like a home, as it allows you to add unique accessories and bold furniture pieces that better reflect either you as an individual, or your entire family. 

Natural Influences are Making their Way into Homes this Summer

The idea of connecting homes to nature is becoming popular this summer, with people bringing in natural elements into their homes. Think plants, natural materials and lighter patterns replicated from nature.

If you’re looking to achieve this natural affect in your home, wooden furniture is the perfect choice for you. Here at Mood Living, we have a wide range of wooden dining room furniture that can help you to decorate your home with this gorgeous interior trend. Ranging from light oak wood, warm oak wood or darker walnut, you can experiment with these wooden tones in your dining room and find the perfect dining set for your home.

Why not finish off your wooden dining room furniture by bringing a touch of the outdoors inside your home. Oversized plants are perfect for making a statement without committing to a bold colour scheme. Ideal for tropical or Scandi inspired settings, large house plants work best in a minimalist interior to avoid an overcrowded or cluttered look. 

If your home is tropical-inspired, try to stick to bamboo or natural rattan materials, if your interior style edges towards Scandi, a solid concrete or brushed metallic pot will work best. Try it out and get creative!

Splashes of Colour Provide Energetic Vibes

Whilst the grey and white interior trend has been dominating homes since 2016, we’re now seeing this trend being replaced with bright splashes of colour. This simple interior trend offers an incredibly effective way of bringing the brightness of summer into your very own home.

This season is all about bright and saturated colours appearing throughout the home and you can achieve this in many cost-effective ways. For example, you could:

  • Buy new soft furnishings such as throws and pillow covers
  • Opt for a lighter, brighter lampshade
  • Buy a colourful piece of art to add to the wall
  • Add colourful vases to your lounge

The best thing about these colour choices is that they are interchangeable. Once autumn and winter rolls around, you can replace these home accessories with your seasonal sets. This can help you save precious time and money.

However you choose to add colourful tones to your home this summer, ensure they’re bright, saturated and cheerful to be bang on trend. If your existing decor doesn’t allow for this bold colour scheme, you can always experiment with softer pastel colours or matte finishes.

Curved Furniture for Modern Homes

Make way for curved furniture in your home this summer. Rigid lines are thought to be quite an eyesore during the summer months when all people are looking for is easy-breezy decor, softer lines and furniture that’s easy on the eye.

There a few clever ways you can implement curved furniture into your home. For example, you can choose from one of our curved-edged mirrors from our bathroom mirror range. Often when redecorating, people forget about the bathroom. However, since it's one of the most important rooms in the home, you should consider this curved trend for your bathroom.

For your dining room, why not choose an oval dining table? We have a great range of dining room furniture items featuring a softer, rounded edge for a contemporary feel. Better yet, this combines the natural trend mentioned above with the curved design, meaning your house will be the trendiest on the block!

Coral and Pink Tones

We’ve seen this trend absolutely everywhere at the moment! These naturally warming shades are perfect for embodying the gentle warmth of the summer season whilst still working with your existing furniture. Coral can be defined as a reddish yellow, pinkish yellow or a light yellowish red. This summer tone is often associated with colors suited for a Caribbean beach house or tropical decor, but with the variety of tones, this bold yet warm color is quite easy to pull off in many spaces.

We’ve even seen people using these colours in their bathrooms! It looks particularly gorgeous if you paint your bathroom walls in the pink shade of your choice and then hang an illuminated bathroom mirror on the wall. It’ll not only keep your bathroom up to date with current interior trends, but the mirror will still keep your bathroom feeling bright and breezy.

If you’re looking for more subtle ways to implement pink tones into your bathroom, pink towels, flannels, shower curtains and bath mats are an affordable yet effective option for you.

Art-Deco Style Sophistication

On the opposite spectrum to the natural interior trend, we’re also seeing many homes favour the chic style of art-deco. Throughout the decades, art-deco has been a popular interior styling choice for all homes and nw, we’re seeing it skyrocket in popularity this summer. 

Art deco designs can usually be quickly identified as having one or more of the following qualities: geometric or cubist shapes, bold or pastel colours, motifs and elaborate patterns.

Achieving the art-deco theme is easier than you might think. For example, you might incorporate mirrored surfaces, brass accents and bold wallpaper into your home. If you’re already happy with your existing dining room furniture but you still want to decorate your home with the art-deco style in mind, we have a hack for you.

Simply buy a mirrored table topper to lay on top of your dining table and voila! You have a simple, effective solution that can be removed as you wish for easy decorating. 

Decorate for Summer Today!

Are you ready to refresh your home's style for summer 2019? If so, make sure to browse our range of dining room furniture and other homeware ranges. You’ll be sure to find the perfect items you need to decorate your home in line with these trends.

Contact us if you have any more questions. 


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