Plain Mirror Buying Guide

Mirrors are the perfect addition to any room. Hanging over a mantelpiece in a living room, mounted on a wall in a bathroom, a floor length one in a bedroom – there are so many options out there when it comes to shape, size and even functions. Earlier this month we wrote about LED bathroom mirror cabinets and all the different styles we can offer here at Mood Living – you can have a read of the article here.

For bathrooms, mirrors with extra functionality are perfect: it is a place where extra lighting is often required and features such as shaver sockets and Bluetooth audio are extremely useful. These features, however, are not as necessary throughout the rest of the house. For your bedroom and your living room, plain mirrors are all you need. This article will therefore be a plain mirror buying guide, taking a look at types of plain mirrors and how you can optimise their use through positioning.

Bathroom Mirror 

Even for a bathroom mirror, we realise that not everyone needs an LED light function installed. If you happen to be one of the lucky few that has perfect bathroom lighting, a plain mirror is all you need. At Mood Living, we have a huge variety of plain mirrors, all manufactured to the highest quality and designed to be the perfect finishing touch to any room.

For plain mirrors, we offer simple and sophisticated wall mounted mirrors that work well with any bathroom design. However, we also offer plain mirrors with shelves. If you are looking for storage that is quick and easy, integrating it with your mirror is the way to go. In small and overcrowded bathrooms where space is of the essence, we recommend mirrors with shelves as they are beautiful to look at and extremely practical. These shelves can come in the form of a bathroom mirror cabinet, but they can also come as smaller shelves affixed to the exterior of a mirror. We love these shelves as they keep your products tidied away and neat, rather than scattered throughout the room. However, they also give you the option of displaying your products – not only easier to access but a luxurious bathroom display for those who are fond of pretty packaging.

Mood Living Mirrors 

We think you’ll find that all of our eye-catching mirrors bring a touch of elegance to any room, and with silver backed glass you’re guaranteed a durable product that will give you the best reflection possible. We fit all our mirrors with shallow hanging brackets, getting your mirror to hang as close to the wall as possible, giving a sleek and tidy finish to your room.

Mirror Sizing 

For sizing, there are a couple of options. For larger rooms, you have the luxury of larger mirrors. A larger mirror can be used to make a room look even bigger; it can become part of the background in the room if you don’t give it a frame as this will only draw attention to it. Our shallow hanging brackets will allow it to fit snug against the wall as if it were part of the wall itself. If placed directly across from a window, this will further enhance natural lighting as the sun will be reflected throughout your space. Smaller mirrors on the other hand are more for accents and features – you can even have more than one grouped together on a wall. A smaller mirror can be used as a focal point in a room, not just as a practical item but a beautiful one that is eye-catching and also a piece of décor.

As you can imagine, plain mirrors come in hundreds of sizes, both as big and as small as you need them, and available in almost any shape, from round to square and everything in between. We have more than three decades of experience in luxury products here at Mood Living and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. It comes from years of experience that we have learnt the most loved finishing touches from customers, the attention to detail that makes a difference, and what styles people want to see in their homes.

Mood Living Plain Mirror Range 

We would love for you to take a browse on our website and see our wonderful selection of mirrors. We have our entire range online and ready to be delivered anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We’re here to help, so if you have any queries or would love to know anything about any of our mirrors, or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experts love what they do and would be happy to discuss which mirror is the perfect fit for your home.


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