Make The Most Of Your Small Spaces

Does your living room feel small? Does it feel overcrowded or cramped and look nothing like the dreamy Pinterest board you have saved on your phone? For now, just stop and take a step back. Although right now you don't have the open plan living space you hoped for, it doesn't mean you can't work with it.

Bigger doesn't always mean better nowadays. Smaller spaces can be cosier and most importantly, much easier to keep clean. To help envisage the potential of your compact living room, look no further!

Here at Mood Living, we have some great dining room furniture that can be used to help maximise the space in your living room. Take a look at some of our quick and easy tips to make your space feel that little bit more homely, as well as meeting stylish interior design trends.

Choose light colours

light room

Now that you're starting to rethink your living room, it might be worth thinking about a fresh lick of paint. If your walls are currently a dark colour, this could be the reason why your space feels so small. 

Dark colours tend to absorb the light, making the room feel more compact than it is. Using more than one colour can also make a room feel smaller if you are trying to optimise space then using one colour is the way to go. One colour gives the illusion that the space continues, giving a more airy and open feel. 

Try sprucing up your living room with a fresh light colour and see how the room becomes more spacious. If you don't know what colour to start with, try a pale grey, blush pink or even a dusky lilac. 

Maximise your storage space 

If you're reading this blog then you already know you have small living space. One of the worst things you can do to make space feel even smaller is cluttering it with unneeded objects.

To avoid this, first of all, have a clear out, we need as much space to work with as possible here! Next is to look at the design of the living room space and work out where you can maximise storage potential, think outside the box! 

Storage that is placed higher in the room can make the room look longer. Try some hanging baskets or fitted shelves, shelves don't just need to be used for books remember!

Foldable furniture 

dining table and chairs - Mood Living

Have you ever thought about foldable furniture? This would be a great purchase for those who don't have a dining room but are also pretty sick of eating their dinner on the sofa. A folding dining table is perfect if you're wanting to host a dinner for friends or family, but don't wish to take up the whole living room all evening long. When you’re finished, just simply pack it away and you're able to get on with the rest of your evening.

Here at Mood Living, we have a great selection of foldable dining tables that would be perfect for your living room. As well as that, we have matching dining chairs sets that will finish of the look off perfectly. 

Decorate wisely 

When it comes to decorating your living room, there are many important aspects to consider that can help you make your room look larger.

  • Floor-length curtains are great for giving the illusion of height and will draw your guest eyes upwards. 
  • Less is more. Steer towards using larger statement pieces rather than lots of little items to help open the space and make it look less cluttered. Try a large elegant coffee table or display cabinet. 
  • Keep it quirky. Just because your room is small doesn't mean you have to shy away from adding your own touch to the room. No one will be thinking about how small your room is if it's full of character. 
  • Using one large rug in your room rather than lots of little ones can emphasise space. A patterned rug can make the room feel a little cluttered so try to opt for one in a solid colour instead. 

Invest in a good quality large mirror

Plain Mirror - Mood Living

Mirrors really can do wonders when it comes to opening up space. A tall mirror can create great optical illusions of height by drawing the eyes upwards, immediately making it feel more spacious. 

Another option is to use multiple mirrors displayed together and let the light reflect in different directions. Mirrors are great at reflecting natural and artificial light, they bounce the light deeper into the room and make it appear larger. 

It’s time to start loving your small living room

You no longer have to feel down about your small living space. We hope these tips on how to maximise your space were helpful and you can go about redesigning your living room more confidently.

Contact a member of our team if you have any further questions about our range of bathroom furniture products such as our bathroom cabinets. 


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