Make that Bathroom Pop With Our Great Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

If you’re a fan of interior design and you like to decorate your home in line with the latest trends, or you’ve moved into a new home and you’re looking to redo your bathroom, you may be wondering how you can really make your bathroom pop.

There are of course many things you can do to freshen up your bathroom such as a fresh coat of paint, investing in new pieces of furniture or buying a bunch of decorative accessories and trinkets, but did you know you can actually use bathroom cabinets to totally transform your bathroom and really make that space look its best? 

We are leading suppliers of bathroom cabinets in the UK and we’ve compiled some of our favourite ways to use bathroom cabinets in your bathroom to make your bathroom look amazing. We believe there is so much more to the humble bathroom cabinet, and that it can actually be used as a glamorous touch to your bathroom instead of just a mindless piece of furniture that gathers dust! 

Accessorise Dark Walls with Illuminated Cabinets

If you have dark walls in your bathroom, you should think twice about painting them! You can actually stylise your dark bathroom walls with an illuminated bathroom cabinet. Interior designers are loving the trend of dark bathroom walls at the moment, and they can look especially luxe and stylish when you affix an illuminated bathroom cabinet onto them.

Think drama and Parisian chic; this decor idea is perfect for those trying to achieve a modern, graphic bathroom that takes advantage of current trends with a fresh twist. We recommend choosing one of our illuminated bathroom cabinets that boasts bright white LEDs and stunning designs that'll add an element of glamour to your bathroom.

For example, the bathrooms in Serena Williams’ family home in Beverly Hills plays on the monochromatic colour scheme whilst accessorising with lighter tones to create a harmonic balance in her bathroom. Incorporating this trend into your bathroom is simple to do yet extremely effective. 

Make Your Own Vanity

Struggling for space in the bedroom? Always fighting your partner for room to get ready in the mornings? If this sounds like you, why not take advantage of your bathroom space? You can create your own vanity in the bathroom to give yourself a great space to get ready! 

Simply affix one of our mirrored bathroom cabinets to the wall then place a shelf, table or chest of drawers underneath and voila! You have our very own vanity. Better yet, you’ll feel even more glamorous getting ready due to the LED lighting in our bathroom cabinets.

You can organise your makeup, hair products or other essentials and toiletries in these bathroom cabinets to keep your bathroom looking clean, tidy and clutter free. Having a tidy bathroom space can also make your bathroom pop as it’ll look organised and put-together. 

Futuristic Bathroom

If you’re someone who has guests round often and you want to impress them by having an amazing bathroom, why not future-proof it? Some of our bathroom cabinets boast modern technology that makes them so different from the average bathroom cabinet and can add something really exciting to your bathroom space.

For example, some of our mirrored bathroom cabinets feature an infa-red motion sensor for hands free operation. This clever sensor switch operates the lights on the bathroom cabinet and can be quite amusing for your guests using your bathroom.

Also, some of our bathroom cabinets feature demisting technology. That way, no matter how hot and steamy the bathroom may get, the mirrored bathroom cabinet will stay crystal clear and provide steam-free viewing for you and your guests. 

Sleek and Chic

If you want to create a bathroom that exudes style and grace, why not consider removing some of your bulky and worn furniture for some high quality mirrored bathroom cabinets? Our range of bathroom cabinets features some stunning designs that can not only add style to your bathroom, but also act as innovative storage solutions.

Our bathroom cabinets have a clever way of making a bathroom feel bigger and lighter. This is due to the high quality reflections they provide, as well as their minimalistic designs that are easy to fit into any shape or size bathroom.

This idea can be particularly effective for smaller bathrooms as you can utilise more space in your bathroom without compromising on essential bathroom storage options.  

Forget Sink Units

If you currently have a sink unit that is taking up precious space in your bathroom, why not just get rid of it and replace it with a bathroom cabinet instead? Many interior designers are ditching sink units and are instead opting for stylish bathroom cabinets that can act as both a mirror and an effective bathroom storage solution.

By using a bathroom cabinet instead of a sink unit, you can open up more space in your bathroom and create clean lines and shapes in your bathroom, perfect for if you’re trying to achieve a fresh and modern vibe in every room of your home.

Spruce up Your Bathroom Today!

If you’re looking for a fresh, innovative and exciting way to spruce up your bathroom, we recommend you check out our range of bathroom cabinets. Featuring a range of mirrored and illuminated bathroom cabinets in different shapes and sizes, you can easily find a bathroom cabinet to easily integrate into your bathrooms at home. Our bathroom cabinets also feature gorgeous glass shelves that add an extra touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom.

If you’re on a mission to create a luxurious bathroom in your home, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team here at Mood Living. We can offer you honest advice on our range of products and help you to find the perfect bathroom cabinet for your bathroom. We can also talk to you about our other exciting product ranges such as our fireside accessories and dining furniture so you can freshen up every room in your home.


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