How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Here at Mood Living, our products are designed to enhance the beauty of your home and solve your interior design problems. We manufacture each of our products not only to be stylish, but to be multi-functional tools within your home. No matter what theme you have in mind, or what issue you wish to solve, we like to think that our expert team can point you in the direction of a product that is just what you need. Today on our blog we are going to be looking at solving a common problem in many homes, and that is the problem of a small bathroom.

It’s natural in a lot of houses that the bathroom ends up being one of the smallest rooms in the house. However, this can become a tiresome room to keep tidy and decluttered when you are struggling for space. Therefore, we want to talk about how to make a small bathroom look bigger with our top tips. Before we start it is important to mention that all of our products are built to British Standard and come with a guarantee and aftersales care. We know you’ll love all our products and we’re committed to bringing you the best service long after you have purchased.

Utilise the Walls

Your bathroom is going to look increasingly small and cramped if you are covering all the floor space with your storage units. Our bathroom mirrored cabinets at Mood Living effectively clear up floor space by beautifully hanging from any wall in your bathroom. They each come with a guide to help you affix it, however we always recommend getting a professional to look after hanging your cabinet so they can ensure the wall is strong enough to support the weight.


Much like freeing up floor space can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom, so too can removal of clutter. The less items that are lying about your bathroom, whether that is on the floor or lined up on shelves, it is going to elude to a much larger space. This is where our illuminated cabinets come in very useful again. Simply hide away all your products behind closed doors in your Mood Living mirrored cabinet to streamline your bathroom and give it a sleek minimalist look. Our mirrored cabinets come with hidden little features as well, such as shaver sockets. This means you can hide your toothbrushes and shavers away even when they need charging, so they are always ready to use.

Natural Light

The more natural light is streaming through a bathroom, the larger it is going to seem. Here at Mood Living we can help with this issue with our mirrored cabinets and our bathroom mirrors. Whether you already have access to lots of natural light, or there is only a small glimmer shining through, a mirror can enhance what you have to work with. By hanging a mirror in your bathroom, you are not only installing a vital bathroom tool, but by hanging it in the right location, you can reflect light throughout your space, giving the illusion of a brighter and larger bathroom. Our bathroom cabinets come with stunning mirrored doors, combining both the need for a cabinet and a mirror – further streamlining your bathroom and reducing your need for other products. However, if you already have a cabinet you love, our Mood Living bathroom mirrors could be just the product you need. Coming in all sorts of beautiful styles, shapes and sizes, as well as the option to have LED lights, these mirrors are perfect for any bathroom.

Colour Coordinate

Dark colours are going to take away from the boosting of natural light we have been trying to create with the addition of mirrors, so try and keep the colour scheme of your bathroom as light and bright as possible. Try to avoid clashing colour schemes also, as the one colour all over your space will further aid the idea the room is larger than it actually is. Using lots of colour only divides up your space and makes it appear cluttered before you even begin installing any products. Whites and creams are some of the best colours you can choose when designing your bathroom as they aid in reflecting light and creating a bright open space. Don’t forget to take this into account on all your walls – including the ceiling and floor. If you choose to tile your bathroom, choose tiles a similar colour to the paint to keep your colour scheme constant.

Create a focal point

By having an area in your bathroom that the eye is immediately drawn to, you are going to make the rest of you bathroom look bigger. If you are not into monochrome style or keeping your bathroom all the one colour, we suggest using colour to create a focal point. This could mean painting one wall a different colour from the rest or using a bright colour for your shower curtains to draw attention. Your bathroom mirror could also be your stand out feature: our LED mirrors are not only stylish but the light they radiate is bright and natural-looking, illuminating your bathroom and creating the perfect reflection no matter what time of day you are using it.

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Working with a small space can often prove difficult, but we hope these useful tips have proved helpful and given you some ideas on how to optimise the space you have to work with. Natural light is of utmost importance, and the correct use of storage can transform your bathroom. If you have any queries on any of our products or on how we can help you make the most of your bathroom space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us through our website on our contact page; one of our team will be in touch and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.


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