How to Keep Your Bathroom Cool this Summer

Envision your perfect bathroom - bright, clean, refreshing and cooling. We all want somewhere peaceful to unwind and to clean off any unnecessary stresses at the end of the day or get ready for the challenges for the day ahead. A bathroom can be just the place for this.

Having a hot, sticky, muggy bathroom isn’t ideal for anyone and can take away from your space of relaxation. Therefore, we’ve prepared a simple yet effective guide for how you can keep your bathroom as cool as possible this summer - from life hacks to must-have products.  

Make Room to Breathe 

To start with, a simple re-organisation to maximise space is a great way to protect your bathroom from feeling hot and stuffy. Any unnecessary clutter can detract from the feeling of a fresh open space that you’re trying to achieve, leaving the room feeling crowded and uncomfortable. 

Do you have a lot of furniture on the floor taking up valuable space? If so, why not use up some of that spare wall space instead? Any unnecessarily large or bulky furniture items should be removed from your bathroom to minimise the sense of cramp or stuffiness. A bathroom cabinet that affixes to the wall, for example, will open up more walkway room and floor space for you to move around freely. 

Simply getting rid of unnecessary visible items is a good start, then organising your bathroom cabinet so that everything appears to have its place will maintain the aura of open space and calmness you’re trying to produce. A tidy space is a tidy mind.

It is also vital that you give yourself the best chance of organising your bathroom space effectively by investing in the right bathroom cabinet for you. When shopping for this, lookout for a product which offers enough space to organise your toiletries and bathroom essentials effectively, whilst promoting a feeling of slickness and minimalism that your bathroom is trying to generate.

Keep it Light and Bright

The human mind is a powerful thing and experts have been well aware for decades of the effects of colour psychology. The likes of red, orange and yellow evoke feelings associated with warmth and heat. However, more “calming” colours, such as blue, green, turquoise and purple are known to produce a more cooling effect. Whites and creams also have a deep-rooted psychological association with cleanliness, purity and peace. 

Also, whilst the use of the darker colours can be an effective stylistic choice for some when designing a bathroom, this is warned against for those with a smaller space, as it can often create the illusion of a room seeming more cramped than it is in reality. Using lighter and brighter colours and tones in any room can open it up. 

Therefore, when decorating and designing a bathroom, it is important that you choose a colour scheme which is going to compliment these psychological connotations of colour. A simple lick of bright and light paint may give your bathroom the cooling effect necessary to stay calm in the summer months. Likewise, choosing cooling and calming colours for your furniture and utilities is a clear way to keep your bathroom feeling tranquil, no matter what the temperature is. 

Air it Out

We’ve all been there; stepping out the shower to discover the bathroom has transformed into a steam room with absolutely zero chance of getting any reflection out of that foggy mirror! However, with the right bathroom cabinet, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Keeping your windows open during the time you shower is an effective way of minimising steam in your bathroom that a long shower can foster. Likewise, investing in anti-fog mirrored cabinets will help maintain that cool and clean feeling. Our range of bathroom mirrors are fitted with expertly-designed anti-fog glass to keep your appearance freshly visible throughout the day.

Don’t get Blinded by the Light

It’s important in any bathroom to have the right amount of natural light so that it doesn’t get dingy in the dark or overheated in the sun. Investing in the benefits of thermal blinds is a great way to defend against the sun’s rays by keeping the bathroom suitably cool in the summer. The aluminium lining and water-resistant design make this an ideal option for bathroom cooling in the summer months. 

The Power of the Bathroom Mirror

With a bit of tact and know-how, mirrors can become not only an essential bit of furniture within your bathroom but also a way of producing a feeling of openness and depth. Likewise, bathroom mirrors can also improve the amount of both natural and artificial light within a room to make it appear brighter.

The angle you position your mirror at is another trick often missed by homeowners when designing their bathroom. The illusion of space can be achieved by angling your mirror towards your rooms “focal point” - be this a wall decoration, bathroom accessory, feature shower or bath.

Also, using multiple mirrors can be an effective and creative way to reflect light all around your space and add some much-needed vibrancy to the room. If space allows it, then we suggest selecting mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes, then placing them strategically around the room to brighten up even the darkest corners.

There is a wide range of mirrored cabinets available from Mood Living that can be the perfect addition to any bathroom, regardless of specific the style you’re looking to achieve. Illuminated bathroom cabinets are even available to keep your space feeling fresh and bright, whilst keeping your appearance glowing as you get ready for the day or unwind before bed.

Prepare your Bathroom for a Cool Summer Today

With over 30 years of experience in the world of luxury bathroom products, Mood Living pride themselves on helping customers to make the bathroom of their dreams a reality. With a stunning collection of bathroom cabinets and mirrors, there is no reason why you can’t unlock the cool, calming, peaceful potential of your bathroom today! 

Get in touch today to discover how we can help you and your bathroom have the coolest summer yet. 


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