How to Achieve the Scandinavian Look in Your Bathroom

Has the recent warm weather inspired you to recreate your bathroom with Scandavanian style in mind? If so, we don’t blame you! This classic interior style has been incorporated into living rooms and bedrooms for years and recently, homeowners are finding clever ways to incorporate this trend into their bathrooms too.

Mood Living are not only leading suppliers of bathroom mirror cabinets but also have great insight on interior trends. If you’re looking for some style inspiration for your bathroom or quick ways you can achieve this interior style, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of some easy ways to achieve the Scandinavian style in your bathroom. From quick and easy decorative accents to more investment pieces, this comprehensive guide will help all homeowners transform their bathrooms.

Comfortable yet Functional Bathroom Spaces

simple bathroom

Scandinavians have mastered the art of creating bathrooms that not only look great but offer both comfortable and functional everyday uses. Did you know that Scandanavian design is based on three things:

  • Simplicity
  • Utility
  • Beauty

If you’ve been browsing Instagram for visual inspiration, then you’ll notice that a lot of bathrooms that have taken on this design trend feature clean, clear lines, lots of white and natural colours and practical concepts and furniture pieces that maximise on all the available space in the bathroom. 

Their bathrooms are also emphasised by a lot of light, meaning that if you want to achieve this style, you need to consider ways that you can increase the amount of available light in your bathroom. One way you can do this is with illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets.

Dark Interior Design

dark design bathroom

Whilst they are mainly known for their lightness and brightness, a popular trend in Scanadvian design is to have a dark and dramatic bathroom. Whilst this may sound broody and almost depressing, a dark bathroom can actually feel cosy, contained and organised.

You can easily incorporate this trend by opting for a darker paint colour for your walls or even choosing darker flooring options. You can even opt for darker wooden furniture with rustic accents for your bathroom, as this is traditionally Scandinavian.

If you feel this might be too overwhelming for your bathroom, you can always start small.   introducing darker pieces into your bathroom, then work your way towards achieving that glamorous, dark bathroom. 

Use Glass Tiles

glass tiles

If you’re looking for both popular and traditional Scandanavian interior design ideas for your bathroom, glass tiles are a perfect option for you. Ideal for those looking to create a light and airy space, glass tiles combined with light wood furniture can open up smaller spaces to make for a fresh and clean bathroom.

Emphasise the beauty of the glass tile by having minimal floral accents in your bathroom. This could consist of one branch of your favourite flower to add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

Place an illuminated bathroom mirror on the wall opposite your glass tiles. This will create a magical effect in your bathroom, with the glass tiles reflecting the clean, LED light coming from the bathroom mirror. This is a fantastic way of opening up even the darkest corners in your bathroom to make it feel much larger than it really is. 

Incorporate a Touch of Blue

scandinavian bathroom

If you're a fan of clean and minimal decor, then the Scandinavian style will never fail to deliver. If you’re looking to add an accent colour to your bathroom whilst keeping in line with the Scandanavian style, we will always recommend adding a touch of blue to your bathroom.

You can easily implement this colour into your bathroom in a variety of different ways. For example, you can add basic bathroom accessories in this classic colour such as:

  • Towels
  • Bath mats
  • Curtains
  • Shower curtains
  • Fake flowers
  • Glassware

These are cheap and effective ways to spruce up your bathroom with a bit of colour. Try and keep the accessories the same shade of blue if you can. This will create the essence of both organised and visually pleasing bathroom space. 

Feminine Sweetness

bathroom accessories

If you’re looking to create a soft and delicate bathroom space for your home with Scandinavian influence, adding feminine designs and accents is ideal. You can do this by adding subtle decorative tiles to your bathroom walls.

You can add patterned tiles to the walls then continue the same tiles onto your countertops and sink surfaces. This creates a sense of harmony and continuity in your bathroom, a classic element of traditional Scandinavian bathrooms.

Combine this with light, white and natural colour tones throughout the bathroom to create a light and breezy space with delicate and feminine characteristics.

Super Minimal, Clean Lines

If you're dreaming of a streamlined bathroom with minimalistic design, Scandinavian interior design is the perfect choice for you. Commonly featuring clan and crisp lines with a lack of clutter, Scndivanin bathrooms offers homeowners with a stunning yet functional bathroom.

You can achieve this minimalism in a number of ways. For example, you can invest in bathroom mirror cabinets from Mood Living. Featuring sharp edges and clear lines, these cabinets can reduce the amount of visual clutter in your bathroom whilst opening up more available floor space. 

You want to make things in your bathroom appear subtle as possible, reducing the amount of mess in your bathroom and ensuring you have a clean and organised space. Once you've achieved this, your bathroom will reflect clearly on Scandinavian influence. 

Find All You Need for Your Scandinavian Bathroom Makeover

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