Got a Small Bathroom? Here’s What You Need to Do

Whilst many people enjoy their small bathrooms, there are hundreds of households across the UK who wish they could have a bigger bathroom but just don’t have the time or the budget to transform them. Renovating a bathroom can be a huge project, however, we have some clever ways you can transform your bathroom without having to tear down any walls!

Small bathrooms often have more potential than you’d realise, with small and cost-effective changes making the biggest difference. It just takes a bathroom expert, such as Mood Living, to point you in the right direction with some easy yet effective tips and tricks. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your small bathroom or trying to give it the appearance of looking larger, perhaps due to trying to sell your house or to keep guests happy, just keep on reading! We’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks you can apply to your bathroom to either make it feel bigger or to at least get the most out of this essential room in your home. 

Maximise on Space

If there’s one thing you’ll know all too well about your small bathroom is that space is limited. Whether it's with larger pieces of furniture, laundry bins or storage baskets, it's likely that your small bathroom is filled from floor to ceiling. So how can you maximise on space when there isn’t much to work with in the first place?

Bathroom cabinets are the perfect solution to this problem. For example, if you have big and bulky drawers and floor-standing cabinets in your bathroom, they can actually take up a lot of valuable floor space leaving your bathroom feeling smaller and more cramped than it really is.

The beauty of bathroom cabinets is that they affix to the wall whilst still providing ample storage opportunity for all your miscellaneous bathroom items. By removing any floor-standing furniture and replacing bulky drawers with sleek bathroom cabinets, you can instantly make your bathroom look and feel bigger. 


Use Illusions to Your Advantage

This is one of our favourite tricks that can work on almost any bathroom (both big and small!) Mirrored surfaces, such as bathroom mirrors or mirrored bathroom cabinets, are the perfect bathroom accessories that are both useful in everyday life and essential for creating the illusion of more space in your bathroom. 

Mirrors can reflect the light in your bathroom, making it feel more open and spacious. This includes reflecting both natural and artificial light. This means if you have illuminated and mirrored bathroom cabinets, you can get the best of both worlds!

If you’re looking for a clever way to make your bathroom appear larger than it really is, without breaking the bank, this is a great solution that can be easily implemented into any bathroom. Just find the mirror or bathroom cabinet that will fit on your bathroom wall and enjoy all the benefits!


Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Clutter is one of the biggest problems small bathroom owners face. With limited space for storage solutions and bathroom items, such as bleach, toilet cleaner, shampoo, conditioner and bath bombs can make your bathroom feel messy, cluttered and overcrowded. Ultimately, this will lead to your bathroom feeling far smaller than it really is.

It's a proven fact that clutter will make any room feel smaller and this is all too common in small bathrooms. This is because clutter accumulates and takes up all the available room in the bathroom. If it builds up enough, it can even block out some of the natural light! This will make your already small bathroom feel messy and cramped. 

We recommend trying to keep as much out of sight as possible. This means tidying up any bottles away and neatly storing toiletries in your bathroom cabinets. With clearer surfaces, your small bathroom will feel fresher, cleaner and hopefully, a little bit bigger!


Think About Design and Decoration

When you have a small bathroom, you need to think long and hard about the decorations you’ll use and the layout you want. You’ll need to strategically think about how furniture pieces, such as bathroom cabinets, will fit into your limited space.

Many homeowners invest in furniture pieces without properly looking at the specs, resulting in a too-big a piece of furniture taking up far too much space in the bathroom. Instead, you need to look carefully at the product specifications whilst having a rough idea of the available space in your bathroom.

When it comes to decorations for your small bathroom, less is more. As mentioned before, having too many items on show in your small bathroom can contribute to the clutter, creating a cramped atmosphere. Instead, add a few touches of personalisation and decoration but leave bigger decor pieces to other rooms in your home that might have more space for them.  


Enjoy Your Small Bathroom Today

Your small bathroom no longer needs to be a hindrance! With the help of some useful bathroom furniture pieces such as bathroom cabinets or by clearing up some of the clutter, you can enjoy your bathroom space once more.

Do you need some reliable, high-quality bathroom cabinets for your small bathroom? If so, make sure to browse our comprehensive range of bathroom cabinets. With mirrored and illuminated bathroom cabinets, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution for your bathroom. 

Contact a member of our team if you have any further questions about our range of bathroom furniture products such as our bathroom cabinets. 


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