Fireplace Accessories Range

Not all homes come fitted with a fireplace, and those that are lucky enough to have one truly treasure this luxury within their home. A fireplace not only looks stunning but becomes the centrepiece of the living room during winter months when it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. However, when a fire is repeatedly lit in the fireplace over winter months, it can start to look very dirty with soot and ash spreading over the interior. Even when the fire is not lit over the summer months, it is easy for it to become a little drab looking. Here at Mood Living, we sell a range of fireplace accessories that will perk up your fireplace and make it the crowning glory of your living room all year round.

Fireside Accessories 

Firstly, you might be wondering – why bother with fireside accessories? To start with, they are an easy way to keep your fireplace looking clean and tidy. As mentioned above, it is all too easy for fireplaces to get dusty and messy, but with some useful fireplace accessories, this problem can be easily resolved. A further benefit of fireplace accessories is that they can add value to your home. By merely having a fireplace in your house it is going to add value to your home if you plan on selling it, as a fireplace is a highly sought-after feature. However, having a beautiful and well-maintained fireplace is even better. If you are selling your home during the warmer months and people are viewing your home when the fireplace in not in action, it is important that it is still looking beautiful. This can be achieved with Mood Living fireplace accessories.

Just as with our mirrors and cabinets, all fireside accessories by Mood Living are manufactured to British Standard, come with aftersales care, and each item comes with a guarantee. We know you will love the items we have to offer and how they can transform the look of your living room.

Mood Living Fire Guard 

One of our most popular fireplace accessories at Mood Living is our fire guard. Available in a couple of styles and sizes, these guards can come with floor and wall fixings for extra stability. Of course, one of the most important features of a fire guard is safety, and this was at the forefront of our mind when designing. Our fire guards come with a fine mesh to prevent ash from damaging your upholstery and to prevent stray sparks from touching fabrics that could then catch fire. The guards are also opened and closed with a safety latch on the back to prevent little hands from getting in dangers way. The door is also secured by magnets, meaning it is less likely to inadvertently swing open. Fixings and instructions are supplied with our fireguards to ensure they are fitted correctly. As with all Mood Living products, it is designed not just to be practical, but a beautiful feature within your home. Our subtle but elegant design does not detract from the beauty of your fireplace or stove but enhances this attractive feature while also promoting safety.

Mood Living Stove Hearth Saver 

If you don’t have a traditional fireplace and have instead invested in a modern stove, we can provide alternative accessories for this feature. Our Mood Living stove hearth saver is the perfect companion for your stove and to protect the surrounding area. It is important to be careful when loading and unloading your stove as ashes and cinders can fall out and damage your hearth. This is where our hearth saver comes in. Simply place it on the floor in front of your stove and it will catch any debris that calls out, preventing damage and also making cleaning the surrounding area that much simpler. Coming up to the cold and wintery months, this makes an excellent gift!

So, as winter is now here, it’s time to stop using that old grubby bucket to collect your coal, and to get rid of that tarnished fire guard you’ve had for too many years, and take a scroll on the Mood Living website. No matter what style you are looking to accommodate, from traditional to contemporary, we’ve got the accessories to compliment your home.


Caution is always advised around fires, even with safety measures in place. Never leave small children unattended near fireplaces, stoves or hot surfaces. If you have any questions on any of our fireside products, how they are fitted, or questions on sizes or styles, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. We are happy to answer any of your questions and point you in the right direction for your fireplace needs.


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