Best Lighting for Bathroom Mirrors 

As we head into the darker season, more and more of us are turning our attention to the lighting in our homes. The afternoons are becoming much dimmer and as a result we are flicking on our overhead lighting to be able to carry out our tasks. Then the evenings roll in and as we relax we light candles and turn on lamps to create a cosy atmosphere. Lighting is vital within the home, and that is why at Mood Living our mirrors come with a fantastic range of lighting options. In this blog post we are going to look at our beautiful selection of mirrors and discuss the features you must consider for the best lighting for bathroom mirrors.

Bathroom Mirrors 

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, there are 3 types of lighting: task, accent and decorative. Each provides a different kind of light and helps you carry out different activities. For example, task lighting, as the name might suggest, is designed specifically to allow you to carry out tasks. This is a bright all-around light that provides precision for bathroom tasks. These jobs may include shaving or applying makeup: both of which require good lighting.  Mirrors with task lighting are usually illuminated the entire way around the mirror, providing even illumination.

Accent lighting is another type of bathroom lighting. This does not provide as much illumination as task lighting but rather used to provide ‘accents’ of light. When your room is dimly lit or in darkness, you may wish to draw attention to some features. Perhaps you have a lovely picture frame hung on the wall, shelving with decorative (or practical) items lined up on it, or perhaps you want attention drawn to your mirror. Accent lighting is usually a bar of light placed directly above the desired object to illuminate it and thus ‘accent’ it. For mirrors, this can be particularly useful during the night if you wish to use the bathroom without dazzling yourself by turning on the main overhead lighting. Your illuminated mirror can simply be switched on via the sensor to provide soft lighting for your room and allow you to see what you are doing.

Finally, the last type of lighting often sought after for bathrooms is decorative lighting. This is a type of lighting that we absolutely love at Mood Living as it allows us to let our creativity run free. From bars running top to bottom of our mirrors, to small dots of light, the purpose of decorative lighting is not just to illuminate, but for a beautiful design feature. Mirrors with decorative lighting create a sense of style within the bathroom and make your mirror truly stand out.

Transform Your Bathroom 

While we provide a number of products at Mood Living, bathroom mirrors and cabinets are our speciality, and we like to think we know a thing or two on transforming your bathroom space into an area you love. Mirrors and lighting are two of the most important features of a bathroom, and that is why we have incorporated these two features together in our illuminated mirrors. On dark winter mornings, our mirrors are here to provide light in the way you need it most: whether that is task lighting, accent lighting, or even if it is just decorative lighting that is required. A lot of effort goes into each and every one of our products to make them a statement piece within your home. Each mirror is made to BS standard and comes with a guarantee and aftersales care, meaning you can purchase with the peace of mind that this product is going to last you for years to come.

A statement bathroom mirror with great lighting is a wonderful way to add value to your home and bathroom. Available in a variety of shapes, we’ve no doubt that you will discover one that is the perfect fit. You’ll also find our mirrors to be energy efficient and helpful in cutting back your electricity costs as they are always fitted with LED lights, which last much longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

Mood Living Are Here To Help! 

Our mirrors all come with helpful fitting guides, and if you have any questions pre-purchase, don’t be afraid to contact a member of our team. Whether you have questions on sizes and dimensions, additional features (did you know some mirrors have demister pads!), or delivery questions, we are here to help!

The perfect mirror and light fixture can transform your bathroom. It can enhance the beauty of larger spaces and act as a focal point, it can create the illusion of more room in smaller bathrooms, and as winter creeps in, an illuminated mirror is the perfect new purchase to light up your mornings and evenings. So, take a browse through our range to find the perfect illuminated mirror for your home.


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