Bathroom Trends 2021

Here at Mood Living, we’re passionate about interiors, and with every new year we love to follow along with the latest trends to see how people plan on styling their homes. Curating the perfect space is so important to us, and we like to think our products help people bring their dream space to life. So with that in mind, we always like to keep our range varied to cover everyone’s style, while also keeping a close eye on what the majority of our customers prefer.

One of the most interesting trends to follow is that of bathrooms. The bathroom is perhaps one of the most hard-working rooms of the house: used for storing a multitude of items, a place for washing, a place for getting ready, one of the first rooms we enter in the morning and one of the last at night. It makes sense therefore that people want not only to make this room as efficient as possible, but also ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing too.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 bathroom trends we predict for 2021:


Keeping a bathroom clean and tidy is no small feat. From towels, to toiletries and even medication, every household uses their bathroom storage to the max. As a result, all too often our bathrooms become cluttered and messy as bottles line up on shelves and items are placed around the room. Here at Mood Living, we’ve been telling our customers about the benefits of bathroom cabinets for quite some time now. Available in a range of sizes and designs, these are a great way to allow a more minimal look in your home and to tidy away any items that are making this room look cluttered.


Great lighting is essential in any bathroom. This room is typically used for getting ready: whether that is applying makeup, shaving, doing your hair, or checking your outfit. All of these tasks rely on exceptional lighting to avoid any scares when entering natural sunlight outside! Our LED mirrors and cabinets offer a range of lighting styles to fit your needs best, from all around lighting, to overhead lighting, or decorative lighting.


Technology is here to make our lives easier and bringing technology into the bathroom is all about streamlining our routines. A selection of our mirrors come with additional features that we know people will love having in their bathroom. One of these top features are our Bluetooth speakers which allow you to safely listen to your music or the radio without worrying about water damage.


Keeping with the minimalism trend, bathrooms in 2021 are becoming brighter and more spacious. However, if you do not have a large bathroom, there are other ways to follow that trend. That is: through colour. Whites, creams and other bright and clean tones are perfect for opening up a bathroom space. The light is easily reflected and unlike patterns which can cause a room to appear too busy, the clean walls allow even the smallest of bathrooms to look that bit bigger and brighter.


To make any room appear bigger, it is necessary to remove clutter and allow the space to open up. However, it is important that your room still maintains that ‘wow’ factor. For this, we recommend a statement piece to draw the eye to. It could be one wall that has a pattern on it while the others remain plain. Or, you could add a statement piece of art or a beautiful mirror. Our Hollywood Mirrors could be just the item you are looking for: with all around lighting and a style that radiates glamour, we’re sure you’ll love them.

Are you planning to update your bathroom this year with one of the above trends? Or maybe one of these trends have caught your attention and inspired you? However you feel about your bathroom, whether you want to make a small tweak or totally transform it, we’re sure you can find the inspiration you need at Mood Living. All of our products are made to BS standard, come with aftersales care and a guarantee, as we’re confident you’ll not only love our products upon purchase – but you’ll keep loving them for years to come!

If you’ve any questions about any of our products or their features, don’t hesitate to click on the contact section of our website. Our team will be more than happy to help.


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