7 Pieces Of Smart Tech To Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level

You might already be aware of the increasing number of smart devices out there. You might even have a couple at home already. These range from smart speakers to video doorbells and even robot vacuums, with new and exciting technology emerging every day. 

But did you know that bathrooms are getting smarter too? Using these devices, you can turn your bathroom into an interactive, fun and practical place to be.

So if the time has come to give your bathroom a makeover and you're hoping to take it to the next level, here are seven pieces of smart technology you should consider.

  1. Never miss out with a TV and mirror combo

Do you like to watch TV as you're getting ready for work? Or perhaps you love watching your favourite shows on your laptop as you soak in the bath? Well, now you don't have to miss a thing with a waterproof bathroom mirror TV.

When it’s switched off it can be used (and looks like) a normal illuminated mirror. But switch it on and you can watch all your favourite shows whilst showering, bathing or brushing your teeth. Plus, it’s mounted to the wall so it doesn't take up any extra space.

  1. Sing your heart out with a musical shower head 

If you prefer to listen to music in the bathroom, we’ve got that covered too. Unleash your inner-star as you sing in the shower, without all the hassle. Gone are the days of having to take your radio or speaker into the bathroom with you.

New smart shower heads with Bluetooth and built-in speakers do all the hard work for you. So you can listen to your favourite playlists as you get ready for work or unwind after a busy day. 

  1. Keep up to date with voice-controlled ceiling speakers 

Want to ask Alexa what the traffic is doing as you get ready for work? No problem! Voice-controlled ceiling speakers allow you to check the weather, listen to music and even check for Facebook notifications while you shower. So you can save yourself precious time spent fiddling about with your phone or laptop and let your smart speakers do it all for you.

And as these are placed in the ceiling, they don't take up space and can blend in seamlessly with the style of your bathroom.

  1. Take control with a programmable shower

You can personalise your shower experience with a programmable shower that lets you control the temperature, volume of water and length of your shower through a digital touchscreen or audio command. So you can get yourself off to work (or bed) in good time by pre-setting the time of your shower.

Plus, depending on what other gadgets you have in your smart bathroom, some may also allow you to control the lighting from your shower too.

  1. Relax with a whirlpool and mood lighting

Why just have a normal bath when you can add a whirlpool system for ultimate relaxation? These built-in whirlpool systems make gentle bubbles as you bathe and are designed to massage and relax you. Perfect after a long day. You can also get mood effect lighting to complement your whirlpool tub so you really will feel like you're at the spa.

  1. Save the planet with a Waterpebble

If you're wanting to be a little more eco-friendly (or just save on your water bill), there is even a smart device to help you save water. The device is called a Waterpebble and can be used in your shower to monitor the amount of water that goes down the drain, using your first shower as a benchmark. 

Then, progressively, the time for each shower you have is reduced slightly helping to save water without really having to think about it. You can reset the device at any point.

  1. Enjoy the ultimate luxury with a toilet seat warmer

Finally, gone are the days of sitting on a cold seat when you get up for the loo in the middle of the night. You can now live your life in true luxury with a smart toilet seat warmer. Most of these will have adjustable settings so you can choose the temperature that suits you. There are even some that spray and clean themselves afterwards so you’ve always got a clean seat.


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