6 Unexpected Uses Of Hollywood Mirrors

Hollywood mirrors are most commonly used in dressing rooms or bathrooms as a vanity station. This is because the bright bulbs are great for getting ready and checking yourself out, not to mention they immediately add glamour and style to the room.

But just because these are typically used for vanity stations, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them.

If you’ve already got a Hollywood mirror at home or you’re planning on buying one, we’re here to inspire you. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of six unexpected ways you can use your mirror in your home.

1. In an outdoor setting

If you love to spend your time outdoors and you have a dedicated covered area where you sit or an outdoor bar or summer house, why not jazz this space up with a Hollywood mirror.

Not only can this look great and make your outdoor space feel even bigger, but it can also be very handy if you plan to sit outdoors in the evenings when it’s getting dark. This can create a cosy environment whilst offering light, so you don’t need to go indoors just because the sun has set.

2. In a recess or alcove


Why not transform your unused space into something stylish and functional? You don’t just need to put your Hollywood mirror by a desk or vanity area. Instead, why not place your mirror in any unused recesses or alcove in your bedroom, bathroom or study.

This can help to open the space out and make the room feel bigger. It also ensures this space is no longer going unused.


You could even add drawers, shelves or a table to this space to turn it into a dressing room.

3. To transform a tiny space like a wardrobe or cupboard

Are you looking to transform a small space like the cupboard under your stairs, the loft, a wardrobe or even just a tiny bedroom or office? If so, then a Hollywood mirror could be just what you need.

Not only can the mirror help to make the room feel bigger, but the addition of the LEDs helps to add some light to the room and make it feel even brighter. This can be particularly important in rooms with no windows like cupboards or wardrobes.

And by adding a Hollywood mirror, you can instantly turn the space into a cosy hideaway and a place where you can get ready for a night out, tucked away from the rest of the household.

4. As a multi-functional mirror

Why not opt for a Hollywood mirror, complete with stylistic LED lights but have this in cabinet form instead?

What do we mean by this?

Well, why waste space in your bathroom when you can make your mirror multi-functional. There are lots of beautiful cabinets out there now, including those that are lit up with LED lights.


These are not only ideal for helping you to get ready and brighten up your bathroom, but they also give you more storage space. This can help to declutter and keep your room looking neat and tidy.

5. Over your bed

Have you got an empty block of wall space above your bed? Perhaps you were considering hanging a piece of artwork or a photo frame there? If so, why not consider hanging a Hollywood mirror instead.

This can add a real cosy feel to the bedroom, and using dimmer bulbs can be a great way to create a relaxing ambience when you’re going to bed. Ensure the switch is within reaching distance, and you can control the lights without even having to get up.

6. On the back of a wardrobe door

If you’re short on space or you just don’t have room to hang another mirror in your room, why not attach your Hollywood mirror to the inside of your wardrobe door instead.

Then, when you shut the door, the mirror is out of sight but open it up to get ready, and you have a great mirror that you can use to do your usual beauty regime or to apply makeup.

Don’t just settle for the ordinary

If you want to do something special with your Hollywood mirror, don’t be afraid to get creative. These can be the perfect addition to any room or perhaps even an outdoor space, so don’t just stick it in the bathroom like everyone else!

Get creative and you can find a unique and unexpected use for your Hollywood mirror.


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