5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom Cabinets

Whilst cabinets are a staple of any functional bathroom, that doesn’t mean they only have one use, nor do they have to be predictable. Through the right interior design and investing in the right product, your bathroom cabinet can serve more purposes and have more effects than you may have ever imagined it could. 

Looking for a way to freshen up your bathroom this summer? Well, put the paint down and stop shower shopping, because all you really need to freshen up your bathroom is the right mirrored cabinet.

Our expert interior designers here at Mood Living, one of the leading suppliers of bathroom cabinets in the UK, have compiled a list of five ways which you can use this unsung hero of the utility world to spruce up your bathroom.


1. An Organised Space is an Organised Mind

The relationship between clutter and stress is a well-studied area for psychologists. Ultimately, it has been widely accepted that clutter compromises an individual’s perception of the home and ultimately, feelings of satisfaction towards life. 

There can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and a continuous cycle between a cluttered living space resulting in a cluttered lifestyle (and vice-versa). With bathrooms often being the smallest room in the house for many, it can easily get filled up with unnecessary items. This is why it is important that we do all we can to free up some peace of mind when designing your bathroom.

For many people, the bathroom is a calming space to unwind, rest and clean off the stresses of the day. Clutter and unorganised toiletries can take away from the fresh and open space that you’re trying to create. The solution?

A bathroom cabinet is ideal for removing visible items and organising them into a structured space, allowing you to maximise on the space you have available. There is a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from in our selection of bathroom cabinets, allowing you to choose an item which fits perfectly into your bathroom design.


2. Space in the Box

In order to maximise the amount of space you have for other bathroom essentials, we recommend investing in a bathroom cabinet that affixes to the wall. This will allow you to have a more spacious living experience or, alternatively, fill up the room with more sleek bathroom items. 

Another way to add to this extra space you’re creating is to remove any large, unnecessary furniture and simply place all the appropriate items into your bathroom cabinet. Bulky furniture such as draws and stools don’t only minimise space, but they also limits accessibility for yourself and any potential guests. 

Your newest bathroom cabinet doesn’t have to just be used for storing your toiletries. Instead, it should also be something that compliments the feeling of aura of calm and minimalism that your bathroom is trying to evoke.


3. Optical Illusions and Space

Those with a smaller bathroom space can optimise and even increase the feeling of space within their bathroom through a few tricks of the trade… 

Depth and openness can be mimicked by positioning your mirrored bathroom cabinet in the right place, whilst simultaneously adding a few additional mirrors into the room, if space permits this. 

Importantly, to maximise the effectiveness of this optical illusion, you want to angle your mirror towards the focal point of your room. This can be a feature shower or bath, accessory or even a wall decoration. 

Alongside your mirrored bathroom cabinet, we suggest selecting mirrors which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This strategic placement of various mirrors is an effective enough strategy to brighten up the darkest corner of your bathroom. 

Regardless of the specific style you’re going for, Mood Living offers a wide array of cabinets and mirrors that can open up any bathroom space.


4. Light in the Dark

Another benefit of the mirrored cabinet is that it increases the amount of both artificial light and natural light which your bathroom is exposed to. This strategy is particularly effective when combined with other mirrors as suggested above. 

The, warm and cold LED lights installed in our bespoke illuminated cabinets can be adjusted freely to fight your mood. These wire-free lights are fully certified to British standards and entirely child safe.

Investing in a sleek and bright bathroom cabinet gives you a great opportunity to replace any dark and dingy old furniture, such as wooden draws or dark cabinets, and keep your bathroom glowing throughout the day. 

Dark colours are proven to create the illusion of rooms feeling smaller by trapping in light. Therefore, those who are trying to maximise their bathroom space should invest in the benefits of a mirrored bathroom cabinet from our UK store today. 


5. A Gateway to the Future

By investing wisely, your bathroom cabinet could become a mirrored gateway to the future, offering a whole host of technological features which have just come onto the UK bathroom market.

Your guests will be impressed by the alluring combination of minimalist style and futurist design on offer, adding a fresh new style to even the dingiest of bathrooms. 

Infra-red motion sensors bring a hands-free element to your cabinets light switch. This futuristic feature isn’t just a cool novelty! It also improves hygiene by minimising against the transportation of germs from surface to surface. 

The anti-fog technology of our bathroom cabinets’ demister pads is another funky feature which makes sure you’re never hampered by the “steam room effect” ever again. Your mirror will remain crystal clear no matter how steamy things get in there as you’re getting ready for your day.

How We Can Help

Want to make the bathroom of your dreams a reality today? With a stunning collection of bathroom cabinets and mirrors on offer, there is no reason why you can’t unlock the potential of your bathroom today.

Mood Living pride ourselves on helping customers to unlock their bathrooms potential by offering bespoke products and expert advice with our 30 years of experience in the world of luxury UK bathroom products. Get in contact to discover how we can help.


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